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  • If you HAD to choose....

    ...would you coose between grass fed local beef, pastured local pork or free range chicken? I ask because I have been researching prices and it's not cheap, therefore I am thinking of switching out the one that makes most sense all around. I'm looking forward to your advice!

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    I'd pick fish instead.


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        Beef. It seems to be the absolute lowest quality commercial meat in this country. I still mostly eat regular pork and chicken.


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          Grass fed local beef organs and Wild Fish.
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            I rarely buy beef anymore because it is so hard to get good quality that isn't pricey, but roo is just a wonder meat for me. And by default it is organic, pastured and grass-fed and whatnot.


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              Ruminant meat (beef, lamb,goat, bison, venison etc.) will give you a better 03/06 balance than either pork or chicken. IF you are eating pork or chicken, going free range/pastured is better than factory farmed but still.

              I stick with ruminants and seafood.


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                When I go out to eat, I get the pork chops or a steak with a bone in it so I know there's no meat glue. At home, I eat the CAFO beef and chicken and get the spendy grass-fed beef, pastured pork and lamb whenever I can. I shop kinda random. Whatever looks good at the time.
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                  I agree with Paleobird. GF/finished beef and wild salmon are things I wouldn't give up unless I was living in a refrigerator box on the corner. Pork and chicken, even at their best don't compare.

                  That said... Grass fed butter is about $5/lb if you shop around. Shore up any factory meats with this. If you use olive oil for your fats, use either Kirkland organic, or California Olive Ranch unless you're positively absolutely sure your brand of olive oil is pure.

                  If budget is an issue, evaluate protein powders. I know a lot of folks will say that these are processed foods, and they are. But if you are on a budget, a protein powder that doesn't have any non-primal ingredients can be a lifesaver.

                  No matter what your bank account, if your "regular income" is less than $1100/month for a single person, check out EBT (foodstamps) - the extra money could help you upgrade your food.

                  My apologies to anyone who thinks my advice on foodstamps is promoting a welfare state. My personal ideology states, "The govt has taken from me for years. If I die having taken back one penny more than they took from me, I win."
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                    I'd toss chicken out of the mix altogether. 99% of chickens are fed soy and corn.
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                      Going to agree with the beef. Grocery store chicken and pork are edible. Grocery store beef is NOT. I never buy it anymore because you might as well be throwing your money down the toilet. I only get the organic beef from the market now (can't afford grassfed).


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                        I'm going to have to diverge from the concensus a little bit here. Pork is the one item I absolutely don't eat CAFO/grocery store/restaurant versions of. It's kept in the worst conditions and is most susceptible to having its own fat profiles altered by its diet of the three.

                        So if you can eat lean beef from the grocery store, and buy pastured pork, and maybe compromise on organic chicken, even if it's still off the grocery store shelf, I think that's about the optimum mix of health:budget balancing.
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                          I don't like beef. My first choice would be pork, then - chicken.


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                            Thanks for all you responses so far!

                            So the concencus is that there is no concesus

                            Sale shop wherever possible, stock up on the non-perishable essentials, and go with the highest quality meat of your choice that you can afford...


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                              Yup. Wild caught fish in cans is cheap. Even the bpa-free ones go on sale from time to time. They last forever, so stock up.

                              Grass-fed beef organs are reasonably priced, if you have access to a local farm. You typically have to buy bulk from the online retailers. Not a bad idea if you have a freezer.

                              Sometimes there are good Australian grass-fed beef sales in one of the supermarkets around here. Might have to buy a whole tenderloin and slice it into steaks yourself before you freeze it, but grass-fed filet for $7/lb is a hard bargain to pass up.

                              Someone in another thread mentioned that Whole Foods has whole organic chickens on sale from time to time. I don't have one near me, but you might.

                              I still say don't eat grocery store pork. Just ick. But do what you can with what you got.
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