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  • Today is my first day


    Just wondering if I can pose a few silly questions for the experienced folk here.

    First off...I'm confused as to whether Primal and Paleo are the same thing? I've been doing a bit of reading and it seems the macronutrient content is a bit different between the two?

    Also, I'm really looking to lose weight and become healthier. Is fruit really a good idea? I've always been told to eliminate due to the high calorie and sugar content. The fat and nut content scares me too as both are very caloric. Any advise? I'm a 5'4 - 138 lb female. I'd love to shed 20 lb.

    Thank you all!

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    I think "Primal" is Mark Sisson's take on "Paleo"...?

    My advice is, don't treat fruit like sweets. The sugar in them is natural and unprocessed and is accepted by your body much better. Don't be afraid of the fruit!

    Nuts are also very very good for you and have "good" fats - again, natural. Fat is not the enemy, etc etc. As you read more you will learn why we are not scared of fat.

    And forget about the calories. Use your intuition. Obviously if you're having a meal and are hungry, a punnet of strawberries, 2 bananas and a packet of almonds would not be a great idea, so have a nutritious meal instead and have a piece of fruit or handful of nuts afterwards if you want to. Or use them additions to your meals.


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      "Paleo" is the concept that we should eat as our ancestors ate, because it is the diet we evolved to eat. There are many different ideas as to what that means to modern people, given that many of the foods that used to be eaten (mastodon, anyone?) are not readily available.


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        If you read all you can find on this site you will come to understand that Primal entails ditching grains, sugar, processed oils, packaged and processed products full of additives etc. Eat real food - meat, eggs, veges, some fruit, nuts and dairy.

        As I understand it, paleo is a more limited than primal in that it also eliminates dairy.

        The macros etc are up to the individual.

        In your situation, which is very similar to where I was 8 months ago, I would limit fruit to maybe one piece a day in order to keep carbs low. Also, limit nuts and dairy to small quantities because while they are very nutritious they are also high in calories.

        Eat meat or eggs at every meal and lots of veges, with a little butter or olive oil. Don't snack. Lift some weights, go for walks, and watch your body tone up, the fat melt away and your energy levels soar.

        This is so doable for you, I hope you have a great first day.
        Annie Ups the Ante


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          Primal is modified paleo for the masses, with a 20% cheat factor for minor indiscretions.

          Avoid grains & dairy, yoghurt is better dairy for the probiotic value.
          Keep legumes moderate and varied.
          Seeds and nuts should be eaten at the rate that you could collect them in the wild, small snacks only.
          All meat is good, preferably organic, local, unprocessed etc., do the best you can, but don't get hung up on the ideal sourcing thing.
          Increase fish & seafood consumption.
          Vegetables unlimited.
          Fruit, be generous and varied, but be aware it has a higher sugar content than veg.
          Starchy tubers potatoes etc., ok, but again they are very high carb so be aware of volume consumed.

          The more variety you get the better.

          Let the weight thing be until you are comfortable and up to cruising speed with the dietary changes.
          "There are no short cuts to enlightenment, the journey is the destination, you have to walk this path alone"


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            The main differences that I have found between paleo and primal are primal allows for dairy (if your body tolerates it) and also seems to skew higher-fat than strict paleo, although I could be mistaken about that, just my observation.

            Don't fear fruit, but if you are actively trying to lose weight definitely watch your fruit intake, and try to prioritize berries above all other fruits. I have approximately a half-cup of blueberries most days, and sometimes a banana or orange in addition. I find that fruits help squash cravings for sweets. Yes I know fruits have sugars, but I don't gorge on them (like I easily could with ice cream, cookies, etc) and they also have valuable nutrients.

            Nuts are good for you and allowed on both paleo and primal, but be mindful of your serving sizes, as they are very calorie-dense. Be especially careful if you decide to start baking with nut flours, which are much more calorie-dense than conventional flours.

            I will say that since you are female and not far from an ideal weight for your height you may find the weight loss tough, especially early on as you learn what to eat/what macros your body responds to best. Try not to go fat-crazy at the beginning, adding extra butter/coconut oil/bacon fat to everything (I speak from experience here). Eliminate the processed junk and focus on meats and veggies to begin with, adding fats moderately.

            Definitely start looking for paleo/primal recipes. Mark has a fantastic supply of them here on this site, and there are loads of other blogs that offer awesome recipes. Finding delicious looking paleo/primal recipes has been a huge factor in keeping me motivated. I wasn't much of a cook when I began going primal, and now I love it and cook nearly every night.

            Best of luck to you!


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              I don't think there's a formula that fits everyone ... I don't agree with the "no snacking" rule, for example. Well, I wouldn't call it snacking... maybe "re-fueling"? I see nothing wrong with eating healthy and whole between meals, especially if you have to get through 8 hours between lunch and dinner as I sometimes do.


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                Originally posted by Allenete View Post
                I don't think there's a formula that fits everyone
                The beauty of Primal is that it allows for a huge variety of permutations. You will find people with vastly different macronutrient ratios on here who are all still following PB to the letter.

                To echo what others have said, focus on eating real food:
                no grains
                no processed crap
                no bad oils (the "definitive guides" are a great place to start).

                Once that sinks in, you should embrace the various possibilities that Primal offers and see which one suits you best. There is always a new idea to try. Best of luck!


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                  Read the book "Primal Blueprint" and then read "Fiber Menace". You really need to do this in order to understand this way of eating.
                  "When the search for truth is confused with political advocacy, the pursuit of knowledge is reduced to the quest for power." - Alston Chase


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                    Originally posted by Cryptocode View Post
                    Read the book "Primal Blueprint" and then read "Fiber Menace". You really need to do this in order to understand this way of eating.