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Food & exercise with respiratory/lung illness?

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  • Food & exercise with respiratory/lung illness?

    My body is hating me lately (specifically my respiratory tract, I guess). I have inflamed bronchial tubes... though the doc never said if it was actually bronchitis or not... and have been prescribed an Albuterol inhaler to use for the next few days. He also said to avoid cardio exercise until my lungs clear up.

    I'm used to swimming or biking 3-4 days per week and doing yoga and strength training the days between. What exercise can/should I do while sick? I know I don't want to do cardio because I'm sure that will make my lungs even more painful and inflamed. But what else can I do that is good? Is a walk outside in the cool, dry winter air a good or bad idea?

    Also, are there any good lung-healing, throat-soothing foods to consume to help me go through this? I've never had something like this happen before and it is very uncomfortable. All I'm doing is drinking tea and soft foods that won't scratch up my throat. Any other thoughts?

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