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Evil Eggs (yolks)?

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  • Evil Eggs (yolks)?

    I'm a 35 year old female looking to reclaim my body. I need to drop 40-50lbs to be at my target weight. I joined a gym 3 weeks ago & work out 5-6 days a week there. I'm down 10lbs so far but felt I needed help with my regiment so I asked for some guidance from the woman who owns the gym who is a bodybuilder w/ several "Ms. Fit" titles to her credit. She told me to eat between 4-8 egg whites every day for breakfast/lunch. Now I have a beautiful and generous flock of chickens, that supply me with gorgeous eggs almost daily during the warm months. The trainer expects me to toss my chickens yolks in the garbage and I just can't bring myself to do it. My chickens are fed an organic diet supplemented with flax seeds and they free range daily, I think their eggs are near perfect food! Am I uts to think I can have my yolks and lose weight??

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    Of course you can! However if you don't want those lovely yolks send them right my way I miss my eggs I got from my ducks daily a lot.
    There is tons of nutrition in those yolks and your trainer is well meaning but ummmmm crazy! Ha ve you looked at the pictures of the folks here who eat all that fat. They sure look awesome! Enjoy the yummiest part of your eggs.


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      Around here throwing away yolks is a sacrilege, so noone here will call you nuts.

      Just for starters. You are correct. Your trainer is in CW hell.
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        If at all you must throw one or the other, throw the whites out. The yolks are chockfull of nutrients.


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          Your trainer is also most likely following a very low fat diet as well. Her dietary advice in general works for her in the context of how much she is working out but will not match with what you find in the PB or around here on MDA. I just smile when people who kind of know me and know that I'm a health nut say things like "Here, try this dip. You'll love it, it's low fat.". I appreciate what they mean, but they don't understand that I'm a VLC eater not low fat. Low fat to me means most likely partially hydrogenated oils and stuff have been used and I would probably prefer the higher fat version of the same item. (assuming we are talking about something that is at least somewhat primal of course).
          So, enjoy the whole eggs. The ones from your chickens are the best kind and healthier than the standard ones you would find in the stores.


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            I've actually been tossing out the whites for as long as I can remember. I really don't like the taste or texture of them...whereas the yolks are delicious, creamy, golden little nutrition bombs waiting to make my breakfast a happy one.

            My roommate (a CW athletic trainer) thinks I'm going to die young, but he's about 50 pounds over-weight while I'm sitting at 10% BF. If only he wasn't such a slave to his education dogma...
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              *gasp* Throw the yolks away?! That's crazy talk right there!
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                No, you're not nuts. The yolks are the best part! Tell your trainer to read the Primal Blueprint before she gives you any more nutrition advice.
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                  no way!!!!! never ever do that. the yolk are the most nutritious part of the egg - the yolks are the only reason i eat eggs... the sacrillege...
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