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Chip substitutes, mayo substitutes

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  • Chip substitutes, mayo substitutes

    The best paleo chips I've come up with is pork rinds/chicharrones. Had guacamole last night, and it was great!

    I get them for 99 cents at the 99 cent store.

    Anyone tried using sour cream as a base to make primal mayo?

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    Primal mayo can be made with eggs and fat. I personally love bacon mayo.

    I have to try some pork rinds!!!
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      I just did some chicken salad with homemade mayo that I got somewhere's around here! (I think it was in the forum recipe section or one of mark's posts...) Olive oil, egg, cayenne and somethin' else, but pretty primal. Made enough for the salad with a little leftover.

      I'm thinking of making some sweet potato or rutabega chips just for a change of pace. I'd imagine a dehydrator works best, but I'm going to attempt to make them in the oven. low heat, longer cooking time?

      Also, there's a recipe for sesame seed/sunflower seed "crackers" that you bake which I'm attempting this weekend for the hubs. I'll let ya know how that works out...
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        anything you can slice, you can turn into chips. carrots, zuchini, squash, sweet potatoes, eggplant - just slice 'em thin & fry 'em!
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          Sour cream won't work for a mayo. (As a sub for mayo, yes - but not to make it).