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  • Trouble sleeping

    I've been having trouble sleeping for the last week or so. I've been 100% primal since Jan 1 2013, and I used to fall asleep very quickly and sleep right until my alarm goes off in the morning. The last week or so I've been lying awake for a long time and wake up an hour or so before my alarm and just lie there waiting for it to go off.

    I'm wondering if anyone else has had similar issues?

    Any advice on getting a better nights sleep? I am going to bed early to try to get a full 8 hours each night.

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    How late in the day are you eating? Are you exercising or working out regularly? What's your carbohydrate intake like? Do you supplement magnesium? Do you watch TV or use a computer or generally hang out under bright man-made lights in the evening?

    For best results, I recommend: not too late/yes/some, at the last meal/yes, chelated/no or yes, but with blue light-blocking eyewear
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      I posted this recently for another having trouble sleeping:

      Hot tub for 12-18 minutes before bed
      1 mg melatonin as u get into bed
      Of course, no caffeine, food or too much exercise 4-5 hrs before bed
      Sex is the exception.
      Meditation or prayer with deep breathing
      Total darkness in room
      Sound machine helps greatly
      Clean sheets or at least clean pillowcases nightly


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        The primal connection has a whole section on this and I started following a few tips:

        Installed the f.lux screen dimmer on my laptop to "warm" the display after the sun sets. I also installed a screen filter for my Android phone.

        When the sun sets I keep a bare minimum of lights on.

        I try not to snack before bed.

        I switched 100% to decaf coffee and rarely drink alcohol anymore.

        I try to not watch any TV the 45 to 60 minutes before I fall asleep.
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          Originally posted by vibe View Post
          I am going to bed early to try to get a full 8 hours each night.
          That could be your problem. To get into a good routine, I set alarm clock for when I need to wake up. I go to bed when I am tired and make myself get up with the alarm. I just repeat this and after a while I have a bed time that varies by no more than half an hour. I then get about hours. But, remember some people just don't need as much sleep and perhaps seven hours is their optimum while others will end up with nine.

          Obviously if you do drinks and/or supper, what you consume will have an effect.
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            The days are getting longer. Maybe you need less sleep than you think. I know I tend to need more sleep in the winter. I also know that when I'm healing I need more sleep, and when I'm well I need less. It goes in cycles.

            GET UP when you wake up, and use your time well. Maybe by bed time you'll be good and tired.
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              This could help.

              One of my herbal professors, she swore by it. Try, it seems pretty practical and risk free, unless you are allergic. If it doesn't work for the sleep issues, the oil has other uses!