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    Hey yall,
    I'm so excited to say that my organization is making some major reforms in the kitchen this summer! We run a week long full day camp for 6 weeks each summer, servicing inner city youth.
    Each day we provide lunch and snacks for the kids.
    Through partnerships with local farms, our kitchen will be filled with lots of seasonal, local produce and grass fed beef.
    It's crazy to think that just two years ago we were feeding these kids government-issued meals. whoa.
    However, we are far from having all the details worked out. Menus will need to be planned, supplies purchased, and other choices need to be made.
    Unfortunately, there is still a lot we just can't do. Sure, it would be great if all 200 people could be served spaghetti squash rather than a pasta, but realistically, that we would be expensive, and no one has time to split, bake and scoop out all that squash for the masses.
    But I still believe there are other changes that could be made.
    For example, I plan to make a case for switching to coconut oil as our primary fat rather that vegetable oil.
    So what I really need are practical suggestions (or recipe ideas) for upping the nutritional value of our meals that won't break the bank or take more than a day to prepare.
    Again, preparing meals for about 200 people daily. There will be a crew of people doing lunch duty from early in the morn till noon.
    Please help us as we attempt to nourish some young bodies who really need it.

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    I would suggest searching the Forum for budget or college student. Good luck and kudos.
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      Exciting! Good for you.

      I was at a kids programme in Mexico once, they gave the children eggs for lunch.

      I will see if any other thoughts come to me.
      Annie Ups the Ante