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    Hello! I'm a female who has dabbled in primal/paleo lifestyles for the past year or so for both health and weight loss benefits. I have been strict primal for almost a month now, but I am not losing weight or inches at the rate I feel I should be. I do feel better and my gastrointestinal issues have disappeared which is very encouraging. I am looking to maximize my potential with this lifestyle change and would appreciate any input.


    working out 5 days a week: HIIT incorporating full body toning with 5 pound dumbbells for 60-90 minutes 3x week & Heavy weight training upper body/lower body for 45-60 minutes 2x week

    eating EACH DAY: 1200-1400 calories, approximately 130g of protein, 1-2 servings of berries (an occasional apple), 50-60g of fat, and less than 100g (sometimes less than 50) of carbs

    A typical day looks like this:
    5 slices of bacon/2-3 hard boiled egg whites
    1 teaspoon sunflower butter or 1/2 an avocado
    1 grilled chicken breast, steamed broccoli, red and yellow peppers sauteed in olive oil
    1/2 cup mixed berries (blueberries, blackberries, strawberries)
    1/2 grilled chicken breast
    1 palm sized serving lean sirloin steak

    I also supplement with the following: 1,200mg L-Glutamine, 450mg L-Leucine, 225mg L-Isoleucine, 225mg L-Valine, 100mg L-Arginine, 50mg Betaine, 50mg Taurine

    Should I scale back the exercise? Eat more? Increase the carbs? Decrease fruit consumption? All advice is more than welcomed!

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    You say you're not losing as fast/much as you want to... but how much are you losing?
    >> Current Stats: 90% Primal / 143 lbs / ~25% BF
    >> Goal (by 1 Jan 2014): 90% Primal / 135-ish pounds / 20-22% BF

    >> Upcoming Fitness Feats: Tough Mudder, June 2013
    >> Check out my super-exciting journal by clicking these words.

    Weight does NOT equal health -- ditch the scale, don't be a slave to it!


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      By the scale, 1 pound in 2 weeks and by how my clothes are fitting; some days looser, some days tighter! It's very bizarre. I'm trying to stay off the scale though, the constant ups and downs are stressful.


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        Too much exercise, not enough food.


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          I would say that the exercise is a little bit more than I am comfortable with, but if you enjoy it then keep going... if you're doing it because you "MUST EXERCISE TO BE HEALTHY!!!!1!!1!" then please do scale it back.

          To me it looks like you're depriving yourself of healthy fats. Eat the whole egg, not just the white. Buy fattier cuts of meat: dark meat chicken, marbled steak... things like that.

          Fat should be the main source of calories. Additionally, don't force extra calories on yourself but at the same time don't deprive yourself. If you're exercising that much, only taking in 1200 calories, and what you are eating is basically high protein, you're pretty much telling your body that you are running for your life trying to survive and don't have a good source of reliable food available. This causes a conservation mode and you won't lose anything.

          Eat when you're hungry, don't when you're not. You don't need a feeding schedule =) I remember reading a while back that the ratio of caloric intake should be 60 to 70% fats, 20 to 30% protein, and 0 to 10% carbs. (which upon doing the calories per gram ratio of each thing is about right - 9:4:1)

          I have found that having a daily "eating window" of about 8 hours worked for me when I stalled on loss. Have all your caloric intake within an 8 hour window, then have plain tea/coffee/water otherwise.

          I hope this helps! I'm at work and may have been a little rambly. If you have any questions about what I said please feel free to let me know.


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            Thank you! It makes sense. When I re-read what I have been eating each day it's easier to see that it's probably not enough considering my exercise schedule. I think I'll try scaling back the exercise and upping the fat.


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              You've got your ratios messed up. You need FAT! Eat the bacon, then cook the eggs in the leftover bacon grease (don't forget the yolk, it's the best part!). Get a bigger, fatter steak and cook it in butter. Only eat chicken with the skin (fried in butter...). Use coconut milk and oil to raise the fat. You should be getting at least 60% of your calories from fat. It's heavenly...


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                Try for 65-70% fat, 25% protein, 10% carbs. It's very easy to use a nutrition tracker. There are many, like
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