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Which is better...? for constipation

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  • Which is better...? for constipation

    I'm generally healthy, though I suffer with constipation a lot. I've tried higher fat, and lower carb, higher carb and more protein... lots of vegetables, no vegetables. I bought and took high-doses of probiotics. None of which seem to work.

    (I was never breast fed, so am wondering if that's a factor). Perhaps I need a fecal transplant?

    I've been considering taking some supplemental foods, in the hope that they would help, but am not sure which would be better. I'm thinking of either, or, a combination of:
    • raw goats milk,
    • making kefir with raw goats milk,
    • making kombucha,
    • or buying some FCLO with the X Factor butter.

    I'm leaning away from the Kombucha (too much sugar) and the FCLO (high cost and do I really need it? Will it help?)

    And more toward the kefir/raw goat milk.

    I tolerate dairy, so the goats milk would perhaps be a good option. What do you think? From a health point of view, it's increased nutrition, but will it help with constipation issues?
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    Well, I had similar symptoms most of my life, however I found eating All Bran for breakfast did keep me regular. After going primal, I found the old constipation came back pretty quick.

    I sought advice from a natropath who prescribed this

    It took a week or so but worked great and now I no longer require it.

    This is an Australian product, so may be labelled differently overseas. Also, I could only get this through the practioner, so it wasnt cheap, but after two months I no longer required it so worth every $
    I'll be back


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      Good old fashioned stewed prunes. Go easy until you find the right amount for you.
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        Try eating a big bowl of mashed pumpkin with some cinnamon and stevia.

        Always gets me, uh, moving. :P
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          Have you tried supplementing with magnesium citrate?
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            For personal consumption as well as for resale, I make homemade kimchee and sauerkraut regularly, as well as pickled garlics, raw milk kefir, coconut kefir as well as yogurt & even fermented fruit juices too. In the morning, upon waking I drink a full glass of filtered warm (heated) water plus another glass of the kimchee juice left over from making the kimchee in its earliest stages of initial fermentation. I sometimes drink the sauerkraut juice too, though the kimchee's spiciness from cayenne, garlic & ginger really moves my bowels, usually within minutes! I bottle the stuff & have even been selling it as a healthy soft drink alternative like kombucha but better imo...
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              Originally posted by KrisGunnars View Post
              Have you tried supplementing with magnesium citrate?
              I take a 500mg mag citrate (most) every night before bed. For constipation, I'd recommend 1000mg before bed & drinking lots of warm water upon waking.
              "Science is not belief but the will to find out." ~ Anonymous
              "Culture of the mind must be subservient to the heart." ~ Gandhi
              "The flogging will continue until morale improves." ~ Unknown


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                Probiotics. Cannot stress them enough.

                And if you need a quick cleanup a few tablespoons of coconut all in one go should do the trick


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                  Nothing has worked for me but magnesium citrate + probiotics. I eat miso, kimchi, and yogurt daily.
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                    I hate prunes and pumpkin, so not ideal options. Even a spoonful of bran makes me, uh... Run to the bathroom. I do take magnesium in small doses and coconut oil occasionally. But ideally I'd like to just be regular without having to resort to laxative type episodes. (I'm bunged up so I'd better take some coconut oil).

                    Maybe I'll never get there because my gut flora is not optimal.

                    Does anyone know if kefir from RAW goat milk might help?
                    SW: 68 kg. * CW: 61.5 kg. * GW: 60 kg or less...
                    “Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it.” ~ Buddha


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                      Nuts and seeds work for me.
                      But the trick is you have to eat a LOT.
                      In the US, macadamia nuts come in 7 ounce jars. Eat half a jar one day, eat half a jar the next day. Wait a day, start again.
                      Also works with peanuts. Eat an 8 ounce jar over 2 days. [yes I know peanuts aren't primal, but IMO the movement is more important.]
                      Sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds also work. Make sure it's only the nut meats, not the hard shell. The shells have sharp edges, eek.
                      Flax seeds are pretty tried and true. 1 teaspoon along with breakfast, lunch, dinner, for two days. Stop for a day or so and start up again.

                      If someone tries this and it works, let me know.
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                        Oh no, not a fecal transplant Hilarious. I've struggled with the same thing and found a few things to be really helpful.
                        - Cut out all forms of dairy. Casien intollerence can cause consiptation and dairy itself can be very constipating
                        - Take a magnesium citrate supplement. I use natural calm. Magnesium deficiency can cause constipation as well
                        - Give yourself time to "go" in the morning. You need to ensure your parasympathetic system is activated so spending some time with a black coffee and quiet meditation or gentle yoga each morning can help. Bowel motility is VERY connected to our brains.
                        - Keep taking good quality probiotics and eating fermented food. They won't solve your issues but they can help.

                        Hope this helpes


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                          I find flaxseed is good. I am now trying to control my dose as too much can cause a problem.


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                            I typed some pretty extensive posts on what I did to heal my years of IBS and eliminate my chronic constipation here:



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                              I had the same problem, very hard stools. Even my G.I. Doctor calls this constipation but it is correctly 'costiveness'. Irregular stools are constipation. I found several things helpful.
                              1. Magnesium Citrate - started at 1600 mg, now 800mg.
                              2. Potassium - the author of "Fiber Menace" says this is the biggest causal factor in constipation.
                              3. Papaya or papaya enzymes is very loosening, others have success with prunes or appricots.
                              4. Regularity. Establish a regular time to poop and be very committed to it. An hour if necessary. Your body will adjust to this time. When your body tries to eliminate at another time and you fail to recognise it, the stool usually becomes impacted and hardened behind the anus, and thus impossible to eliminate. Until your body is regular, be very sensitive to all anus signals and respond immediately. This period of body adjustment may take 6 months or longer.
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