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Tips for Restricting Dairy and Nuts?

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  • Tips for Restricting Dairy and Nuts?

    Anyone have any tips to share on how you were able to cut nuts AND dairy? My weight loss has stalled for quite a while, and I know it is likely due to the nuts and dairy. I completed a whole30 without any dairy and only lost 1.5 pounds. It's likely I replaced dairy with too many nuts.

    I'd like to try restricting both, but need some tips. I know I should be satisfied with just my meals, and shouldn't feel the need to eat in between, but I do. This is when I grab a handful of nuts, or eat some greek yogurt. I also rarely eat fruit. Any suggestions, or experience?

    Thank you!

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    My advice would be to measure, honestly, although I know some people on here don't like the idea of counting. If you want it, measure a serving, and then put the rest away. If it fits into your macro allotment, you should be just fine.


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      ...don't buy 'em?


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        Don't eat them? I was never a fan and they've never been a regular part of my daily meal.
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          Originally posted by PrimalStudent View Post
          My advice would be to measure, honestly, although I know some people on here don't like the idea of counting. If you want it, measure a serving, and then put the rest away. If it fits into your macro allotment, you should be just fine.
          this - if you don't want to cut them out measure.

          I find stict meal planning helps too, I know what I'm eating for every meal till friday, when I go shopping again with a meal plan, there is no room for extra bits to creap in this way (grilled pork belly slices and eggs for breakfast today in a couple of hours NOM)
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            I've cut both nuts and dairy--and I did it simply by no longer buying them. However, I don't 'snack.' If you feel the need to snack, you should focus on getting sufficient nutrition in your meals. Then you can consider snacking a 'habit,' and habits can be broken. Breaking the snacking habit is a gift you can give yourself.

            That said, I have only one significant meal a day, and at other times, I will have a 'small meal'--which would be a snack for many people. It may be an egg-white 'brownie' (just egg white and unsweetened cocoa) with a cup of tea or coffee or an egg-white 'omelet' (a few veggies) in a soup mug, or just a mug of homemade bone broth.


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              Eat more meat? I've cut dairy recently (I've been through this a few times ) and what I do is have more "real food". My biggie was always cheese so now instead of a 5 oz burger with 2 oz of cheese I have an 8 oz burger. Carnitas... no sour cream, more pork and some guacamole. You sound like yogurt is the issue though - so maybe other snacky foods - a whole small avocado for easy to carry, a bowl of homemade guac with carrots and celery if you are home. Hard boiled eggs are good. Can you find quality cured meats - grill up a sausage or something. Coconut milk on berries is a yogurt-esque kind of snack.

              I wish you better luck then me - I always end up getting back on dairy!


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                ...don't buy 'em?
                ^ This. I used to overeat dairy, so I stopped buying it. Not in the fridge, so I can't eat it. Then I started overeating nuts. So I stopped buying those. If I need a snack, I cook up an egg.

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                  Originally posted by lorichka6 View Post
                  Eat more meat?
                  This, this, this! I used to be addicted to cheese. I would go through pounds of it a week. There was nothing unusual about eating 8 ounces as series of snacks, or eating it until my tummy hurt. Cheese would call me from inside the refrigerator and I would just start until it was gone.

                  Now I eat more meat during meals and don't even feel the need to snack.

                  If I had a problem with nuts, I wouldn't keep them in the house.

                  Craving nuts or dairy may be a sign you're not getting enough protein or fat in your diet. Often we crave things that can't really satisfy the needs behind the cravings.


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                    I having been reading Perfect Health Diet, and the Jaminets write that omega-6s (nuts) make you fat. I cut my nut consumption way back immediately. I guess they convinced me! I've been better about the cheese, too, as they recommend cutting back on the fat for the weight-loss version of their diet.


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                      For me, eating a more substantial breakfast allowed me to cut out snacks (as well as lunch).
                      Disclaimer: I eat 'meat and vegetables' ala Primal, although I don't agree with the carb curve. I like Perfect Health Diet and WAPF Lactofermentation a lot.

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                        Pretty ironic timing for me and this thread. I have noticed a slight difference after increasing almonds, pistachios and cashews the past three weeks. I’ll be cutting most of them out and sticking with sunflower seeds for the next few weeks. I think they are great in moderation but I tend to over consume these things and they can add up quick.


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                          If you absolutely must keep nuts in the house, buy them in the shell and get a nutcracker. That will slow you down and make you work for each one.


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                            One thing I found helpful was to weigh an ounce of nuts into a small dish, then consider that a serving. Otherwise it's easy to mindlessly eat 3 or 4 times that much.