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Wheat Berries and cream (for coffee)

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  • Wheat Berries and cream (for coffee)

    I posted about this in my Whole 30 journal but wanted to mention it here.

    Last night I wound up eating two spoons of Koliva at church. I am a member of the Orthodox Church, and this is a traditional dish we make as a memorial for those loved ones who have died. This is made with whole wheat berries and also typically includes honey or some other natural sugar. We share this with each other on the anniversary of our loved one's death/memorial service.

    It's been 7 months since I've tasted grains in any form outside of the occasional beer and I had hoped to get away with two tablespoons of it. No such luck, even with that small amount I had digestive system....issues this morning that I've not had for 7 months. This won't happen again, and my church friends will just have to understand. Either my gut has not healed in 7 months or I've other issues with wheat that has been missed - no wonder that dropping grains had such a profound difference for me!

    This is the only time I've cheated on my Whole 30, but my diet was so clean before I started that it really hasn't changed much - outside of no cream for my coffee and no cheese. I find that I can actually tell the difference between different coffee roasts/sources if I don't have the cream - very interesting!

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    Wow! It's nice to receive those confirmations that you are on the right path.

    I hope that when you have to cross the bridge with your church friends that they are understanding!