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negatives to eating a lot of calories at one time?

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  • negatives to eating a lot of calories at one time?

    In the past, I have read about how your body basically can only handle a certain amount of calories at one time and anything above that would be stored as fat. Now I am trying to understand this in relation to the new info I am getting from PB in terms of macros and how they really are used and how fat really is stored. I have also come across old posts here indicating that some people routinely eat most/all their calories (1500+ calories) within a few hours and fast the rest of the day. In effect, I'm all confused.

    So, are there any negatives to loading calories in a short amount of time? and is it different is you are trying to maintain vs. lose weight?

    I am not looking to go to 1 meal a day purposely, but there are days when I just don't think about eating (never thought I'd say that!) and I realize late in the day I haven't had more than just a protein shake mid morning. Then I try to reach my macro numbers/percentages but that could mean I am loading about 1000 in a few hours time.

    Does any one have real life experience with this while trying to lose weight? Do I really need to be worrying so much about reaching my macros every day? I find I am in this situation a few times a week. In the past, I would just not worry about it but I am also reading that consistently coming in low on calories and macros can affect the weight loss. I have about 80 more to lose -just starting my journey.

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    Intermittent fasting (when folks only eat once per day, or have large spans of time between meals - sometimes 16 hours or more) is very common in the Primal and Paleo communities. Unless your body has some kind of negative response to it, go for it.

    Bottom line, though: don't complicate it! It sounds like you're overwhelmed with information on when to eat, how much, why, etc. when it's pretty basic: eat when you're hungry. You say you have moments when you just don't want to eat... so, don't. Eat when you're hungry and stop when you're not. If you're not hungry in the morning until, say, 11am, don't eat until then.

    Regarding macros and Calories, try to make your meals as nutritionally dense as possible. What kind of foods are you usually eating, and at what times?
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      Originally posted by MissJecka View Post
      .Regarding macros and Calories, try to make your meals as nutritionally dense as possible. What kind of foods are you usually eating, and at what times?
      Eggs, steak, chicken, pork, Hamburg, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese, almonds, almond butter, protein shakes when I need more protein, carrots, cucumber, spaghetti squash, cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce, some fruit - mostly apple. I mostly use bacon grease and butter but some coconut and olive oil in cooking. I am not a big fish eater. I like the lighter fish like sole and flounder. Like tilapia but just read it is not a good choice. Regardless, I don't eat fish much because the rest of the family hates it and I don't like the smell in the house. I will have it if we go out to eat though. I have chocolate a few times a week - 75+% just a couple of squares.

      As for timing, I try to eat around 10, 3, and 7 but it rarely happens. Usually it's around 11, 4, then scrambling at 9 to try to fit in the rest of my macros before bed. That first meal is usually light because I am not a morning eater. Cottage cheese and yogurt mix or hard boiled eggs. I am averaging 1200-1500 calories. about 80 g protein, 75 or less g carbs, but that's with me cramming food later at night to reach the macros.


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        Your body will store excess calories as fat, as long as you are not overeating a day's worth of calories in one meal you will be fine. I'm 5'4 and 100, not fat by any definition and I eat one 1500 calorie meal a day.
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          I drink double-cream (300-500ml sometimes, which is 1351-1800kcal), have 1000kcal meals (1/2 to 1/3 of my daily intake), have one-meal days...

          Not doing me any harm so far.

          I'd say that, as with all dietary habits, on its own it's not really a big deal The effects depend on what your diet looks like over a week, not on how much you eat in a sitting.
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            I often eat just one large meal a day. Actually, it makes me eat less calories overall. It's really difficult to eat more than 1500 in a sitting. Spread your meals over several smaller ones and the calories would probably almost double.
            So, no negatives for me.


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              Thanks everyone. So, is it better to load those missing calories late in the day to be sure I am in the range of reaching macros or just eat when I am hungry, in which case I often wouldn't reach my macros. I know some are going to say to go by what works for me but that's hard for me to figure out. I am on Arthritis meds, which mess with my weight loss. The doses change daily depending on how I feel. For instance, I had to take prednisone yesterday. This morning, I am up 3 lbs. Yes, it happens that quickly. And it happens when i take Motrin as well. I fully realize it is mostly water weight and I am not worried about it weight wise but it still doesn't help me when I'm trying to track what works for me and what doesn't in terms of eating.


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                If thats the case I would base what works for you on what creates the least dependance on your arthritis meds rather than body fat or scale values. Move in that direction when you find it.


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                  I could eat one meal at noon. But to do that at night would keep me awake until 3:00 or 4:00 am.