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Non-GMO certified Gluten free Oats? ok for a dabble?

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    Originally posted by eKatherine View Post
    Many who are truly gluten intolerant also react to gluten-free oats. I am one of those. I really tried, but I can't eat them.
    That's because the avenin - the protein found in oats - is similar to gluten and does a lot of the same stuff to your gut. It just isn't as well-known.

    Oat sensitivity represents a sensitivity to the proteins found in oats, Avena sativa. Sensitivity to oats as a result of allergy or to the seed storage proteins either inhaled or ingested. A more complex condition results to individuals who have gluten-sensitive enteropathy in which there is also a response to avenin, the glutinous protein in oats similar to the gluten within wheat...Studies on farmers with grain dust allergy and children with atopy dermatitis reveal that oat proteins can act as both respiratory and skin allergens. Oat-dust sensitivity in farms found 53% showed reactivity to dust second only to barley (70%) and almost double that of wheat dust. The 66 kDa protein in oats was visualized by 28 out of 33 sera (84%), however, there was evident non-specific binding to this region and thus it may also represent lectin-like binding. However, IgA and IgG responses, like those seen to anti-gliadin antibodies in celiac disase or dermatitis herpetiformis, are not seen to avenins in atopic dermatitis patients. Food allergies to oats can accompany atopy dermatitis. Oat avenins share similarities with γ and ω-gliadins of wheat, based on these similarities they could potentiate both enteropathic response and anaphylactic responses. Oat allergy in gluten-sensitive enteropathy can explain an avenin sensitive individual who no histological abnormality, no T-cell reaction to avenin, bore the rarer DQ2.5trans phenotype and had anaphylactic reaction to avenin.

    So, who wants to eat oats again?
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      fwiw, if you do dairy, I have found that most of the things that I liked adding to oatmeal, I like just as well adding to cottage cheese, or greek yogurt. My blueberries are usually frozen, so when they are defrosted and somewhat warmed, that warms the cottage cheese and that is still good to me.
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        Except oatmeal raisin cookies...they're pretty badass.
        my kids are gluten intolerant and have similar issues with oats. i make them the urban legend choc chip cookies with raisins instead of choc chips. GF flours and buckwheat flakes instead of oats and WW flour. cut the sugar in half too. pretty bad ass as normal kids who come around eat them and like them too.
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