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How To Build Muscle Fasting?

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  • How To Build Muscle Fasting?

    So for those who have put on muscle while fasting..... Tell me about it! How did you do it?

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    I think the only possible way to build muscle while still technically fasting would be a leangains approach with an 8 hour eating window, almost all calories post work out. Fasting in general is not conducive to muscle gains.


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      Warrior diet, pretty much. All calories consumed post-workout.
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        You can't build muscle from fasting. But if you did fast to keep the fat off, the best time to do it would be away from your workouts such as on the weekends or what ever when you are less active and have lower calorie days.


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          Originally posted by Damiana View Post
          Warrior diet, pretty much. All calories consumed post-workout.
          Actually, Ori Hofmekler specifically advocates eating the one meal ONLY in the evening but says that workouts can be done at any time in the day. So if you follow that word strictly but workout in the morning then you DEFINITELY aren't consuming those calories post-workout. At least, not in the so-called "anabolic window." I believe he says to eat in the evening ONLY because a meal sends hormonal signals to the body that it is time to rest. Point being, workout whenever you want in the day, eat at night. So you won't ALWAYS eat post-workout.

          Yet despite not doing the traditional post-workout feeding, many lifters and fighters do report good results.
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            Doing Warrior Diet and/or lean gains (and various versions of intermittent fasting) is fasting and allows you to gain muscle. My Dh is living proof, as we have been fasting now for several months, and he has put on some muscle without putting on fat during this time.

            To be sure, he hasn't put on a lot -- but this is not due to fasting. Instead, it is due to the fact that he had two years off to recover from injuries (and lost only about 15 lbs of muscle by doing body weight and his rehabilitative movement), and is now back up 9 lbs of muscle having only been to the gym do to heavy weights for about. . . 4 weeks. He's not working anywhere near his prior PRs or whatever, but he's consistently increasing the weight that he can move, while also consistently gaining weight without gaining fat.

            So, depending upon the kind of fasting you are doing, you can definitely put on muscle while doing fasting protocols.


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              Just eat lots of primal food with a focus on meat when you break your fasts. But, like drumroll eluded to.... metabolic window stuff is unimportant/bunk especially if your fasting the rest of the day.
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                Leangains 16/8 approach.

                Nutrition wise: You MUST eat at least 1g protein per lb of bodyweight in order to preserve (and increase) muscle mass.
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                  I would suppose then that if we are doing 24hr fasts, we're going to lose muscle?

                  Anyway to prioritize the chub over the meat? Saying active perhaps?



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                    Some say you can fast as long as 40 hours without losing muscle. 40 hour fasts don't agree with me, but I have been routinely doing 19/5 lately.