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My brother mangled his hand

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  • My brother mangled his hand

    He's a woodworker and got his hand pulled into a machine that stumped his pointer finger and destroyed the tendons in the middle and ring finger.

    Things could be worse for him and all and this may be a crapshoot but does anyone have any resources that cover something specific like this? He called me up and was asking me what he can do to speed up the healing process and get as much functionality in his hand back as he can. I recommended bone broth, omega 3, etc. and other primally things. Are there any other supplements you guys could recommend, articles, research? I have a few but nothing specific on the subject.

    I want to help as much as I can, anything is appreciated, thank you guys.

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    bone broth, raw milk, and cod liver oil, plus exercises.

    most basic is doing thumb-to-finger and finger-to-thumb touches, opening the hands and closing them in methodical fashions (one finger at a time, then reverse directions), having the fingers reach and touch the base of the tumb (on the palm)bringing fingers together in a line, then spreading them from each other one by one, then in twos, then in threes (changing directions), etc.

    his physical therapist should also give him some ideas as well.

    there are different mudras (yoga hand exercises) that can do a lot of good, too, but that's a bit complex to get into).


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      Thanks zoe. I'll pass it on. Any recommendations on a cod liver oil brand?

      EDIT: Scratch that I think Carlsons is good.
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        I got my left hand fingers completely pulled into a machine that crushed those fingers and the pressure on the fingers caused the palm of my hand to burst open. It took 20 minutes to free them and three months before I could return to work.

        I didn't know anything about nutrition then, but I did everything the physiotherapist said as far as exercise, didn't miss any physio appointments, and took up knitting. I regained full use of my fingers. Sometimes they seem more sensitive to cold, but they don't really give me much trouble. (it has been over 30 years.)

        Hope he finds healing!
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          I'd throw beef tendons and any other connective tissues you can find into the mix.
          Gives the body what it needs to help repair it's own.

          Beef tendons are best cooked slowly in soup, stews or curries, until soft and translucent.
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            knitting . . . great suggestion.


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              Deer velvet might be worth looking into. its suppost to help with healing/repairing etc.

              My Mastiff slipped on the ice before Christmas and really messed himself up. Vet was trying to tell us it was arthritis due to his size/age but at vet visit 2 weeks prior he had no signs of arthritis (hint.. arthritis dosent just "happen" )
              We think he damaged tendons or ligaments (or both) when he slipped.
              Hed been on anti inflam's. for 6 weeks with no improvement so I took him off that and put him on deer velvet, within a few days he was markedly better, its been 2 weeks now and hes practically back to his old self. (still clumsy as **** though.. :P )
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                Originally posted by Phresh View Post
                Thanks zoe. I'll pass it on. Any recommendations on a cod liver oil brand?

                EDIT: Scratch that I think Carlsons is good.
                Green Pasture is pretty much the best
                well then