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    Hi everybody and happy Friday!

    I've been tracking my nutrition on and trying to stay below 100 g of carbohydrates per day. I'm noticing that I tend to lean hard on tomato-based products when preparing protein - and that tomatoes are high in sugars. Does anyone have any suggestions for what I can substitute as a braising liquid? Coconut milk, broth - anything else?

    Thank you!

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    My husband doesn't like tomato based sauces, so I use:

    I often use coffee with spices for hardier meats (beef roasts).
    Mushroom water (soak dry siitakes) is very flavorful.
    The high fat crowd goes for cream.
    Kefir or diluted yogurt/sor cream can work for a lot of dishes as well.

    Oh, and wine of course, if you have wine.
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      Oh, Leida, those are great ideas! Thank you. I am going to try to stay away from dairy, so coconut cream is what I'll use. Mushroom water sounds delicious and I totally have leftover coffee at the end of the day.


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        Rooibos tea brewed strong also makes a great stewing liquid. How about adding some ground up bell peppers instead of tomato for color and spice?


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          Ooh, tea is a great idea. I didn't even think of it :-) Thank you.


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            I use miso for all my braising purposes.
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