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  • Cravings

    I am on week 3 and am loving how I feel as a "cave girl" but I have been experiencing INTENSE cravings due to PMS (ladies, you know what I am talking about ) and hormones. Also, I have been famished, again due to monthly cycle/hormones, I have been eating primal foods and have been able to avoid going off the plan but just can't seem to fill up.

    Any suggestions??

    My cravings are for straight up bread and crackers. Surprising since I usually crave sweets.

    With Gratitude,

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    PMS = carb cravings for most women. If you want sweets, have a sweet starch like sweet potatoes, or a sweet veg like carrots. Banana, apple, dates, dark chocolate, or any kind of home-made primal-friendly dessert can help the cravings.
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      You do need more calories during TOM, so eat more. I get cravings for fatty, sugary foods. I just up my good carbs and overall calories, and what the hell, I'll have a good chunk of milk chocolate if things are really that bad. The longer you're primal the less severe the symptoms get. But don't be afraid to eat more if you're hungrier. Your body needs the extra calories and as long as you don't binge on junk, you will not gain fat from the excess intake.


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        Oh my, I am so glad to see this thread right now. Yesterday and today I have been so hungry, just not able to feel full at all and craving carbs like crazy. Only 3rd week in to this way of eating for me too and so far all was going great, I was wondering what was up with me. This makes a lot of sense and fits my situation totally!

        Feeling a little reassured that I am "normal" hehe


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          Oh trust me, it's all normal! I usually have one day a month where I am literally STARVING every two hours. I don't have cravings for anything, but I just feel famished the entire day no matter what I do. I was at my wits' end last month because I honestly did not even know what to eat anymore. So it's all normal. Just listen to your body. If it's hungry, feed it.


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            I can demolish an entire bag of chocolate during PMS. The best way I've found to deal with it is just not to keep it in the house. Frustrating as f--- but it works.
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              Eat more good food.

              Distract yourself with a book, a video game, a walk, a new shirt, anything.


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                I have the opposite take on this--but that's perhaps because I'm post-menopausal.

                The PMS hunger and cravings are all hormone induced and not 'real' hunger, so I don't understand why you all think you should just give in to them. In the olden days, when I had my period, I discovered early on that it didn't matter how much I ate or what I ate--the hunger and cravings would just continue. So personally, I would eat normally and try to distract myself from the feelings, since eating more isn't really any solution (at least it wasn't for me).