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  • Wanna help me fight?

    Here's a lovely little post on my Facebook link in response to grains being unhealthy:

    "The Grain/Gum Connection
    In a 14-year study, men who ate the most whole grains were 23 percent less likely to develop periodontitis, a form of gum disease, compared with the men who failed to get even one full serving a day. The biggest whole-grain ... See Moreeaters chomped roughly three and a half servings daily -- the equivalent of two slices of 100% whole-wheat bread, half a cup of cooked brown rice or whole-grain pasta, and half a cup of granola. (Try this hearty and healthy Whole Wheat Penne Genovese recipe for dinner tonight.)"

    I told him to come back with something more than just an article on a 'meta-analysis' and THEN we'll talk.

    Looks like he's taking it from here:
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    "To investigate, Merchant and colleagues followed over 34,000 men from the Health Professionals Follow-Up study, gathering information about the men's diet every four years via a food-frequency questionnaire."

    That sounds really accurate and reliable. What were the questions, exactly? That's important to know.

    What most of these studies boil down to is this. People who eat whole grains are usually health-conscious types and so are mindful of the things they eat in general, which means they're not liable to have fast food four times a week, snack on candy all day, ice cream for dessert every day, and so on. It's all about what they're NOT eating. The people who don't go for whole grains typically aren't as mindful of their health or simply can't afford to eat well. Then there's us, a tiny minority.
    You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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      What were their brushing habits? what else did these people eat? even if there was perfect conditions and the ONLY difference in their diets were these grains.... the "study" gives us a 23% reduction in one form of gum disease... what about the others? and what about the multitude of other possible dental maladies? Lastly, if that is the benefit to eating grains... I'll take my 14-year-23% chances along with all of the benefits of NOT eating grains.


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        It's also about simple dental hygiene. If you brush twice per day and floss all of your teeth at least once per day, then you should have a healthy set of teeth and gums.


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          Perfect! That's pretty much what I followed up with before you two posted. Such analyses are not telling the whole 'scientific' picture here.

          I mentioned that the men, as a whole, may already have more health-conscious habits that skew this 'study'.



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            Primalchild, you took the words right outta my mouth!


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                Fabulous Suki. THank you.