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Numb tongue after consumption of stevia?

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  • Numb tongue after consumption of stevia?

    I figure stevia is infinitely superior to Splenda and other artificial sweeteners, but I've noticed that when I drink something that's sweetened with stevia, I have an odd numbness in the tongue for a few minutes afterward. Anyone else experience this?
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    Yep! My mother gave me some iced tea flavored with Stevia and I noted that exact same tingling on the tip of my tongue.


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      Check your labels on stevia products. Most that I have found are not that pure.

      As an alternative, try stevia plants and pick leaves. Not as sweet as the commercially processed powders, but still a little sweet.

      The plant will be perenniel in zone 8 and higher.
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        Interesting... Powdered or liquid? I've not noticed this before -- stevia is the only sweetener (liquid) I still use regularly (and only in my green or white tea at that, and in a fraction of the amount I used to use -- only two, maybe 3, drops in a large mug now...); I say "regularly", because IMO it sucks in espresso, for which I still use about a half tsp of Lakanto on the occasion that I have it (the espresso...). I'd wonder if it was the amount being used, but in my experience you'd know right away if you used too much (over the top sweet and not so good tasting!).


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          Originally posted by periquin View Post
          Check your labels on stevia products. Most that I have found are not that pure.
          Agreed; I have two bottles here at work: the one I don't care for and haven't really used much lists "grapefruit seed extract" as an other ingredient; the higher priced B.E.D. brand bottle (and IMO the best I've tried/used) says only white stevia powder & filtered water...