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Had to really bite my tongue in our "Nutrition" lecture for nursing school.

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  • Had to really bite my tongue in our "Nutrition" lecture for nursing school.

    Did you guys know that saturated fats are awful, and that basically if something has >5g of fat in it, it's probably bad for you?

    .....yeah, that's the kind of nonsense I had to sit through yesterday. These nurses need to get up to date with their lectures.

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    Indeed, as CSPI has written in their magazine, you need to find the fat-free Fig Newtons to substitute for the regular ones, which have only half a gram of fat. CSPI has said it, so it must be true.


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      I loved Fig Newtons as a kid, but I remember when my parents bought into the low-fat craze of the 90s and started buying the low-fat ones. They were absolutely disgusting to me then... I can only imagine how my current palate would find those. Ugh.
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        I agree with you, and I teach in a nursing program. We share a lunchroom with the Nutrition department faculty (who are all tall and skinny) and they lament the fact that students have so many questions about coconut oil... most of their curriculum is around teaching students how to read labels on pre-packaged foods - specifically fat & sodium. I wonder why students can't learn about real foods and focus on avoiding anything packaged or with chemicals etc.
        Part of the problem is the USDA and the food pyramid which must be spouted back to get certified as a nutritionist... I hope the day is coming when we will have a paleo track within nutrition courses. We really need paleo folks in hospitals and long-term care facilities to help get real food into sick and elderly folks. We make them NPO - do surgery then feed them sugar water IV or jello. Although the latest GI surgical clinical paths have patients eating food within the first 12 hours post-op - They have a better outcome (imagine that) but the food is still SAD.
        The key here, stay healthy and out of the hospital.


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          This is why I am glad that I am studying to be a midwife and not a nurse. When I told my midwife what I eat she was super impressed and told me my diet was excellent.


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            Once you learn the primal way of life, sitting through a college nutrition class is like sitting through hell. "Saturated fat is terrible for you...whole grains are an excellent source of nutrition...your diet should be 55% carbs and very little fat" blah blah blah, gag. The nursing majors are a salty bunch too. One of my best friends is a nursing major and I love her to death but I just cannot talk to her about nutrition anymore. She treats everything she learns from her "educational" textbooks like the word of God. Her teacher told her and her textbook said so, so it must be true. She thinks my lifestyle is just a "fad" that will come and go. Her biggest gripe with paleo/primal is that there isn't enough scientific evidence to back it up. I've offered to show her numerous websites/books with the science to back it up but she never takes me up on that offer. Oh well, when we're in our 40's and I still look awesome and I'm healthy, I'll gladly show her the primal way of living because I know she'll be curious at some point