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How many eggs do you eat a week?!

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  • How many eggs do you eat a week?!

    Probably one of the few foods that most of us here eat / agree on.

    I think I'm hitting upwards of 20 a week, always fried with coconut oil, salt and turmeric.

    What's your number and preferred method of delivery?
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    I plan on 21 per week... sometimes more, sometimes less though!

    Usually in omelets with spinach etc. Sometimes fried!

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      During my egg phase, I'd eat 2-3 daily. Currently the count is none because I'm not craving them.
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        plz can i come live at your house

        my eggs are just plain old eggs :'(


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          typically 4-6 a day usually 4 over easy cooked in coconut oil with some pepper or crushed red pepper and then sometimes 2 hard boiled as a snack if I get hungry


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            30-40 eggs a week, something like that.


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              2 for breakfast everyday prepared in various ways.


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                Originally posted by Legbiter View Post
                30-40 eggs a week, something like that.
                Me too..


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                  Around 36 normally. But at the moment I am trying paleo pancake recipes so it has dropped slightly
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                    2 dozen total, but I trash the whites from nearly half.
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                      we do 3-4 dozen a week


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                        About 20 or so. 2 each morning fried and most days boiled one in the salad for lunch.


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                          I go through phases. Some weeks I eat three, others I eat 20. Last Thursday I bought 18 free-range eggs and I have 3 left (although four were used for baking last night!).
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                            About a dozen, either cooked in coconut oil or poached in bone broth.


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                              I probably average 25-30 per week. Fried in coconut oil, in Primal omelets, or hard boiled as a "to go" snack. I eat organic free-run, free range, or omega3 eggs depending on where I am or what's on sale.
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