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carb flu redux? part deux?? the revenge???

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  • carb flu redux? part deux?? the revenge???

    sooo, been primal since Nov, went on vacay Feb 3-13 and i was pretty good but had beer, a little wheat, tortilla chips and i'm sure some sugar creeped in there on occasion. i didn't go totally crazy though, i wouldn't consider it a full on splurge vacay but, well, you know.

    i've been back on primal now for several days. no problem transitioning back BUT i have found in the last few days that i have felt like arse. kinda carb flu-y, low energy, irritable, tired all the time.

    just getting over a cold but don't think it's that. went for a run last night - relatively short distance for me - and it was painful (mentally). just didn't feel good.

    is this carb flu again cause of the cheating??? or am i just getting sick again!?