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    Hi everyone,

    I have been thinking for some time on trying the PB style of eating. I have an active job and my daily calorie needs on an average day have been estimated at around 3300. I have highlighed below my current average day at work/eating and I am looking for some simple suggestions.

    I just cant seem to get the calories in without the grains.

    1 cup homemade Granola-oats, mixed nuts, dried apricot, coconut shavings.
    1 Banana

    1 pot full fat Greek Yog
    30g mixed nuts
    handful of melon - all mixed up

    Job-lead 60 minute health walk

    Lunch-at work we only have a microwave
    Big salad inc' Avacado
    1 bag wholegrain rice
    tin Mackral with Olive Oil

    Job-Lead another 60 minute health walk

    1 piece of wholgrain toast
    1tbsp Almond Butter
    1 Banana

    Gym - 20 minute total body circuit workout

    Chicken Breast

    Evening Snack

    Any suggestions on how to move any meal choices to more PB would be very much appreciated.


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    Bacon and eggs for breakfast, you can cook both easily in the microwave if you don't have 10 min to "cook".
    For snack if you eat cheese, replace the bread with cheese (get a good quality one)
    Lunch - throw a hard boiled egg on your salad, skip the rice. If you really need the carbs, have a sweet potato.
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      Why are you eating 14 tiny snacks a day instead of some actual meals? Eat a steak. A buttered, massive steak. Then you won't need to keep eating a half a banana and 3 oats every 40 minutes.
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        Switch to coconut milk, stop eating chicken and switch to higher fat cuts of red meat, fry your meat in plenty of fat, snack on handfuls of nuts, be liberal with snacking on cheese.
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          Not sure where you are with weight etc, but I don't count anything just eat when hungry, sometimes 5 times a day, sometimes once or not at all, if you want calories add more fat so chicken thigh instead of breast.
          If you feel you are one of those people with a carb bias load up on cellular carbs like potatoes and eat more fruit.
          Keep grains to a minimum, hold back on Omega 6 oils and look to up Omega 3 oils.
          Watch the seed & nut intake, should be on the low side, they are only marginally better than grains, use the guide of if they weren't in a pack how many could you realistically gather, crack and eat?
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            What is your current height and weight and are you trying to lose/gain or maintain weight? You said on the original post that you require 3,300 calories per day. That seems like a lot unless you are larger than average or very active without any weight to lose. I realize that you are walking a lot at work. Overall I don't think your menu is that bad except I would remove the whole grain toast. But it's hard to tell without knowing more information about your stats and what your goals are.
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