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Had metallic taste now smell and taste smoke

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  • Had metallic taste now smell and taste smoke

    Hi guys anyone experienced the above. Since cutting grains I had a metallic taste, that's gone and now a smoky taste and smell weird

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    That's generally considered a sign of detox... your body is getting rid of all kinds of things that have been sequestered in your fat cells. Odd smells, tastes, etc., are pretty normal. They usually pass fairly quickly.

    Conversely, if it should get worse, or if it lasts over a week, you might talk to your health care person in case it is indicative of something else.


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      I had bad BO for about 4-5 months after cutting grains. You never know how your body will get rid of the built up crap!


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        Also -- I'd expect your carb intake is lower than b/f due to dropping grains. If you've taken carbs below 50g, (which I did quite healthfully for over 4 years) you could be in nutritional ketosis. A hallmark of NK is a metallic taste in the mouth.
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          I'm going to second the ketosis bit.

          I had a metallic taste, but I don't think I smelt anything unusual.

          Though, I do notice that if I am lowish carb for one or two days, my saliva begins to take on a distinctive taste. I want to say "sweet", but not quite. Noticed that all my life.