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Primal diet for a teenager???

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  • Primal diet for a teenager???

    Hello all, Im from Australia (not that it really matters) and im almost 16.

    I have read alot of the site and can follow most of it

    The only thing Im stuck on is nutrition. The website tells me to eat organic vegetables, fruits and meat but I simply cant. I live in a suburban area, the local supermarkets dont have organic food and farms are hours of driving away.

    Does it really make a difference if I cant eat uber organic? that being said, I trust my country and it's quality of food and we also only have a have a population of 22 million.

    I cant eat grains, so what do I eat instead? I was thinking for breakfast, plain low fat yoghurt with mixed raw nuts and frozen berries for some days and others I could have fried/boiled eggs with nuts? with maybe some more berries?

    For school lunches, I can yet again have more mixed raw nuts with some fruit, but what can I have for my main lunch, which was usualy a sandwhich in whole wheat bread?

    On the whole, I dont have a car, go to school, have barley any money, It's almost impossible for me to follow a strict Caveman diet

    Also, I love fruit, but heard it's not so good for the massive sugar content? I would usualy put an apple, or mandarin or some sort of other fruit into my lunch box, I cant now?

    Sorry if I may sound a bit ignorant...

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    I'm also in my teens, and whilst I do eat organic wherever possible (are there any local farmers markets in the area?) it isnt always the case.
    You dont have to eat purely organic fruit and vegetables, it's just the best option if it's feasable to do so, so just go with the best that you can would be my advice. Furthermore, and again I dont know if this is an option for you, but often online there are companies that will deliver fruit and vegetables and they're often organic. Some can be pricey but it's certainly worth looking into if you really want to do this.
    I used to eat way way way too much fruit, but vegetables such as carrots and peppers and that kind of thing make a good substitute (easy to transport) and if you can get a hold of a good variety then you can make some really good salads. Now I just have fruit very occasionally and find that I actually enjoy it more because i'm not mainlining it by the bowlful.
    Your breakfast ideas sound good, and regarding your sandwich problem bread can be substituted for sweet potatoes and yams if you need the carbs, or providing you include a decent amount of fat and protein then a salad is great. Check out some of the recipes on this site, or search 'paleo recipe ideas' in google and i'm sure you'll find something to suit your tastes.
    Overall you couldnt be further from the truth when saying that you cant follow the caveman diet; i'm in exactly the same situation as you: I dont drive, i'm a student and find that I spend less money than ever on food. You can do it!


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      Im a teenager too. Dont get hung up about organic, its not gonna make or break your success. You are still eating a diet many times better than most of the population.

      Don't go overboard with sweet potatoes they are similar to potatos. For bread I like the primal recipis which use coconut flour or almond flour. (basicaly mixed with eggs and fried into pancakes or baked) there are loads of suggestions if you just search on here for bread alternatives.

      And with regards to you "can't eat more fruit" again don't get too hung up. You have removed the real bad carbs thats most of the work. Eat fruit and enjoy it when you genuinely want it. Unless you are trying to lose masive amounts of weight (which taking out grains will do anyway) fruit is ok.

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        I would focus most of your diet on meat. Have meat at each meal, and just use vegetables as accompaniment. You can have the odd peice of fruit and perhaps a small handful of nuts, but don't base your diet around them. And don't even think about including low fat anything in your eating plan. There's nothing wrong with fat in the diet, and many low fat foods are filled out with carbs or water. They are also less satisfying so you eat more anyway. You are young so you need to eat plenty to get the energy you need at this stage in life.

        If you can't get organic don't worry about. Focus on eating food that is unprocessed as much as possible.
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          ok, well my family likes to get the low fat stuff so screw it.
          Breakfast = eggs..mmmm eggs with nuts or something along those lines
          alternitive breakfast = yoghurt, berries, nuts.

          Fruit and/or nuts for recess. (or some cut up carrots, celery)
          Main lunch can be canned tuna, maybe some almonds...

          Dinner we will almost always have meat so thats no problem.

          I also take fishoil everyday just for general health, whats your view on a multi-vitamin pill?

          Thanks guys, answers were detailed and they helped me...cheers


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            Cook your eggs in butter or ghee or coconut oil (and lots of it). Instead of canned tuna, try fattier fish like mackerel or red salmon - the more fat the better. I wouldn't be scared of using cheese to get a decent amount of fat either. Cheese and cream! Yum yum yum. If it doesn't cause you any problems then any high fat dairy would be a good choice.

            I don't take a multi-vit but some people do; I wouldn't say it's essential. Good luck!


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              Watch the nuts. Not sure what your goals are (gaining or losing) but nuts can become problematic.

              Also, if you're going to eat yogurt - make sure it's full fat, plain and preferably Greek.


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                @Suki, whats the deal with greek ive heard it better but dont know why?!

                No more diets. No more stress. Health made easy. Living made incredible.


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                  Generally more protein and less sugar. Also - much creamier and much better tasting.


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                    I'm 17, and I'm doing very well on a primal/Paleo diet. I eat about 2 pounds of meat a day, made with lots of animal fat (ghee and lard). The meat is always hormone free and of good quality, sometimes grass-fed, sometimes not. I don't care too much about that at the moment, I just take two fish oil capsules a day to balance my omega ratios.
                    For the rest, I eat veggies from local farmers, lots of eggs (usually 12 a day!) and some nuts (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts...). My parents are quite tolerant, if they prepare something with rice, they just prepare the dish without rice for me. And I cook a lot by myself.
                    It's not that complicated, just watch for good offers and get to know the best and most reliable food sources in your area. Once you've built up kind of a "food-network", it's really easy to maintain a primal style of eating.



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                      Wow, I really wish I had found out about low carb eating back when I was a teenager ... well more importantly, found out AND had the foresight and wisdom to start eating that way. There's a reason they keep making those "wake up and I'm 15 again" movies because I think almost everyone has that moment around when they turn 30 or so when it really hits them "god, if I had only done XYZ back when I was young". It's just pretty hard for most people to really grasp that lots of little day to day actions really do add up, but it can take decades to manifest.

                      If you are making an effort NOW to start eating as optimally as you can, you are doing better than a vast majority of your peers. It's a cliche to say "I'm mature for my age" when you are younger, and it usually indicates the opposite (I've heard it said that you know you are mature when you stop worrying about looking immature) but you are definitely making some wise decisions now. There's a joke about how Facebook is like your yearbook come to life, but with everyone turned fat and bald, but it really does drive home the notion that we now live in a society in which people seem to get fat by the time they are 30. By starting to eat good stuff now, you'll probably avoid that.

                      As far as being able to afford organics: from what I've read (and you can ask Molecular Grokologist for the nitty gritty details if you want) for veggies, going organic gets you a little, but not a huge amount. The main thing is wash them real good to get rid of pesticides. Probably the most important thing to look for in veggies is locally grown. I don't know if they would have a farmers market near you, but one is available, they usually provide veggies that are both really good and often cheaper. But even if you can't get locally grown or organic, eating just any veggies is so vastly superior to eating junk food that I wouldn't sweat it. You'd be getting 95% of the way there swapping green veggies for carb laden crap ... don't get bent out of shape on the last 5%. Concentrate on busting your ass in school / college so you can afford the fancy stuff when you are 30 and will matter more!

                      Now beef, on the other hand, getting grass fed beef as opposed to grain fed beef does make a lot of difference. If you are gonna splurge, do it here. But again, better to be 80% there with eating beef / chicken / fish of any sort rather than a plate full of carbs. If you try to do everything absolutely perfect and it ends up being too expensive / hard to do, you might end up just saying 'fuck it' and stop trying. I'd say get yourself as far as you can with the resources you have available to you and you can work on getting more 'perfect' as time goes on.

                      But I must say again, you are doing better than the vast majority of folks your age by even bothering to explore healthy eating. Bravo to you and keep with it!
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                        coming from australia and growing up there as a teen i would probably go to your parents about the different foods they buy for you. there are lots of things u can pack for lunch like bbq'd chicken drumsticks, a can of tuna, some boiled eggs, of course the macadamia nuts there are great! an apple, banana or mango maybe too. the tuckshops there (at least at my school) pretty much sucked for healthy food.
                        check around a bit im not sure which metro area u live in but most have some sort of farmers market going on a saturday or sunday you could convince your mum or dad to take you.
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                          wow thanks guys for all the replies!

                          generaly I think most of our local supermarket food is pretty good, I can double check that seeing as im going to be working their soon

                          I just finished enjoying a breakfast of yoghurt and about 20 nuts with mixed berries..mmm

                          Anyways, Im taking in all this information and it's really helpful, thanks guys.

                          Ill make the slight changes as I go along.