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Pizza Yesterday...yuck!!!

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  • Pizza Yesterday...yuck!!!

    For the first time since New Years I had pizza last night and I must say that I regretted it as did my wife. We felt so bloated and sluggish. Even though I have yet to lose any lbs I do certainly feel much better eating the primal way as does my wife...... Bring on the roast and kale ...bring on the eggs and bacon!!!!

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    That is the first step! Once I got over my addiction to bagels I knew I was in the clear. The hard part is over and the results will come!
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      Interesting, I also had pizza yesterday and it was yummy and I felt great


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        Last time I had pizza I felt bloated & sorta sick to my stomach..

        I had meatza yesterday & it was NOM!
        Every time I hear the dirty word 'exercise', I wash my mouth out with chocolate.


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          Make yourself some Meatza,

          I use Turkey mince and it is no comparison! Meatza is the way forward
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            Meatza huh, I will have to try that. Thanks for the info everyone. Yep don't like eating the way i used to anymore


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              I ate pizza this weekend too and it led to a full 24 hour carb/sugar binge. Felt like I had allergies and bad bloating the next day. Ew. Each time this happens I learn more about why I don't want it to happen again!


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                The she-grok was such a trooper about trying cabbage for brunch the other day, that when she said she really needed a pizza (its been a long time) I acquiesced under the condition that she make it all herself. She made some real nice thin crust dough and made a couple top notch pizzas. And even a whole pizza each stayed under 150g of carbs for the day. I considered it a nice middle ground treat.


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                  indeed, I can experience some epic bloating from just one CW meal, and even a burrito will make me want to take a nap immediately after. but I love pizza so much, I'm highly motivated to find a substitute crust that doesn't suck. The combination of sauce, cheese, and pepperoni is so great, just need something decent to put it on.

                  Just fyi I tried meatza with the cheapest 73% ground beef, and it gave us lots of farts, so I think I will avoid the cheap stuff in the future. I like the idea but I think I would rather change it up with better quality meat or add in almond/coconut flour too.

                  new pizza crust recipe I discovered today, using cream cheese: The Wilderness Childe: Oopsie Pizza!
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                    I get both beef & pork ground to order from my butcher (They run there own pastured stock) and mix about 1/2 & 1/2 for meatza base. YUM
                    Every time I hear the dirty word 'exercise', I wash my mouth out with chocolate.