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Adolescent Mood Swings on Paleo

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  • Adolescent Mood Swings on Paleo

    My 14 year-old started following a Paleo + Dairy diet approximately four weeks ago and has experienced generally good results. On the negative side he's noticed that he's easily triggered and becomes angry. He's also lost 8 pounds without really trying. We've upped his fat and protein intake, but he thinks he needs more non-grain carbs to better sustain him. Suggestions from those who have kids on the lifestyle? Thanks ...

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    Don't have kids, probably still considered a kid but I have suggestions. I would enter all his intake on a website like fitday... make sure he's getting all his vitamins and minerals because those are tied in with neurotransmitters and hormones, thus feelings and emotions...

    On top of that, have you introduced any new foods into his diet? Could be a food sensitivity that is causing him to get angry.

    Or is there a popular trigger food that he has increased consumption of, example would be dairy.
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      Perhaps magnesium? I don't know how the heck I would get enough of it if I didn't have my hemp seeds and supplements. You said dairy, does he drink milk? Too much calcium and not enough magnesium will cause some behavioral problems no doubt. Try for 600mg a day of magnesium and no more than 1000mg of calcium. But I second looking at every nutrient. Completely cutting out entire types of food without making sure one is still getting enough of every nutrient is a recipe for disaster.
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        My kids are still little... However, I would want to know a few things first. Has he ever had a weight problem? Does he over eat? Unless we teach kids to clean their plates and eat when they don't want to, they have a natural instinct of knowing what they need. So, he could easily be right that he needs some more carbs! What were your/his reasons for going, other than just improved diet... does he have any health issues that you're trying to fix. Has he already started puberty? Or could he be ready for a growth spurt? Which hormones would be flexing for that. Seems like lots of guys get a growth spurt around that age! Is he getting enough sleep? Is school stressing him out (test schedules?)

        I ask these questions as I wonder what might be an underlying cause for being extra sensitive... hormone change, lack of sleep, stress, is actually hungry... reasons for being edgy...

        I third logging his foods to see if he's getting/not getting certain nutrients.