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Best Line I've read in a book in a while

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  • Best Line I've read in a book in a while

    In reference to going to bed at 10pm and waking up with the sun:

    "Will this effect your social life? Yes. But so will Obesity and Cancer."

    -T.S. Wiley, Lights Out: Sleep Sugar and Survival

    I sort of agree. Im more of a compromise guy. Fridays, Saturdays, and special occasions usually guarantee awake past 10. The other 5 days a week im deep asleep by 10, and naturally wake up around 6. What a great line though haha
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    That is a great line! And you could substitute all kinds of things for the "this" that people are worried will be a buzzkill--not eating __________ (fill in the blank with what people say they "can never give up.")

    There's sort of a desperation there with what people fear they'll be missing out on.


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      Ha! Good one, indeed. It's hard to have a life when you don't have LIFE!
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        What is a social life?
        4AM to 9PM weekdays here!!