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Should a carb addict stick to low fat?

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    Originally posted by LauraSB View Post
    My number one priority, way beyond all others, is to reduce.the.amount.of.crap in my family's diet. No amount of macro fiddling will benefit them as much as reducing.the.amount.of.crap in their diets. Sometimes that means replacing non-primal foods with primal foods. But sometimes that means replacing something crappy with something less crappy or figuring out a way to slyly reduce the portion size of crap. For example, my family used to eat a lot of ice cream and buying better ice cream didn't automatically reduce portion size. So I started buying Skinny Cow ice cream bars in whatever flavors they liked best. Those things are crap, but they are small portion crap. Initially, DH and the kids would eat 2 every evening. Now, someone eats one maybe once a week. Nobody has asked for ice cream. My son is more likely to scramble a couple of (pastured) eggs for a late evening snack. I'm not sure why it worked. I'm not going to jinx it by bringing attention to it.

    If I get pushback, I back away. My plan is to win the war. If that means retreating while I rethink my strategy, I'm OK with that.
    Laura, this is genious. Thank you for sharing, I will be thinking about how I can apply similar thinking in my situation.

    Last evening friends came over with two enormous bottles of fizzy drink (soda?). Anyway, with me and my dd not partaking the other four drank most of it, ie almost 4l. I was so shocked that tipped the rest down the sink when I did the dishes.
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