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Finally tried grass fed dairy

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  • Finally tried grass fed dairy

    Well, I'd had Kerrygold cheese a while back, but it was soaked in some kind of booze so I couldn't tell the difference.

    HOWEVER! I tried grass fed milk! And butter! Not going I can manage.

    Compared to the Organic half gallons, the half gallon grass fed (still pasturized and homogenized, though...) was only marginally more.

    Well, like 20% more BUT still only like a dollar. Not going to kill me.

    The butter - which I only let myself have a sliver of - is something else completely. Looking forward to finding something to but THAT on...

    Converted, not just in spirit, but in flesh now.


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    Good for you. It takes some courage. Hope life now starts getting better for you.
    "When the search for truth is confused with political advocacy, the pursuit of knowledge is reduced to the quest for power." - Alston Chase


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      Grass-fed butter is almost like cheese, it's so amazing. I used to feel nauseated at the idea of eating butter straight, but I regularly lick the knife now that we've gone exclusively Kerrygold. I haven't been able to try raw, grassfed milk yet (there is a source but it's beyond our budget at the moment) but the difference between even the "premium milk" (Mayfield), organic (which I can rarely find whole without being dead i.e. ultra pasteurized) and local, mostly grass-fed, and low-temp pasteurized and non-homogenized milk is HUGE, and the price is similar--I think I pay $3.29 for a half gallon of Mayfield and $3.79 for the non-homogenized stuff from the local dairy. I only buy Mayfield when I can't drive 30 mins to get the other milk. At this point, I'm thinking about giving up milk altogether. My youngest no longer begs for milk (though she does ask for it on occasion, she's almost 5), and I mostly use it in cooking and for the occasional latte.


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        While we don't always buy raw, grass fed cheese and butter, we do always drink raw, grass fed whole milk and cream (for coffee and such). It is amazing!


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          Cool! I just bought a small block of Kerrygold butter at Whole Foods last night. Can't wait to try it.