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Do onions really make you smell bad?

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  • Do onions really make you smell bad?

    Can you eat a medium sized onion a day without smelling bad? Does the type of onion matter? I love raw onions on top of steak they're so frigging good.

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    You can cook it and that'll decrease your BO, but raw...noooo.
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      That stinks because I like them raw for the texture. I guess I'm going to have to do an N=1 because I just bought a 5lb bag of onions and I have to eat them before they go bad (~1 month?).


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        Only if you wear them around your neck. Sorry I couldn't resist.


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          Make sure your date eats them too and you'll be fine. Or is that just garlic?
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            Originally posted by drssgchic View Post
            Make sure your date eats them too and you'll be fine. Or is that just garlic?
            Not a bad idea.

            I made this twice the last week. I could eat it everyday and never get sick of it:

            6 eggs
            1lb potatoes
            1lb bacon
            1 cup chopped spinach
            1 chopped onion
            1 chopped garlic clove

            Combine all ingredients and mash. Yumm.


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              Come to my place. We fight over who ate the last bunch of scallions, I will injure you if you eat all the chives in my herb garden, WallaWalla and Vidalia onions are holy, God made red onions just for my salads, and there is no such frickin' thing as too much garlic - ever. We never notice onion breath here, perhaps we just have a chronic case of it...
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                Meh, even if they do they are worth it. Eat up. I onion and/or garlic everything. Social constructs be damned.