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OK, so I've just geeked out a bit...

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  • OK, so I've just geeked out a bit...

    ...and calculated my macro intake as per the suggestion in Mark's book. All said and done, I will need 210g of fat a day and 140g of protein. I'm just a bit perplexed as to how the hell I'm going to fit all this food into my day. Anyone else with/had a similar experience?

    I eat 3 meals a day, guess I'll have to add a 4th to even the load a bit! That's 46g protein, 70g fat and then some carbs (75g/day). I love to eat but that looks like an inordinate amount of food! And how do you even afford that much food!

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    I'm a numbers guy too so i initially worked mine out using the books suggestions but then promptly just ignored it and ate when hungry with a tendency towards fat.

    So much easier than counting and tracking, 25% BF down to 12% in 5 months (so far)

    I was also a little worried about increased cost, but i don't think it really has cost me more in the end. Admittedly i don't always buy the absolute best quality meat.


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      Yeah I think that's what I'll be like. Counting every day and stuff would do my head in after a few days of doing it!