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Carb Cycling (for lifters)

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  • Carb Cycling (for lifters)

    From what I've come to understand, consuming higher amounts of carbs on heavy lifting days is beneficial for recovery/muscle growth, and on those days, fat should be consumed less than on rest days (ive heard that around 50g is sufficient). What I'm a bit confused on is the timing of when to eat/not eat the carbs and fat. Are you supposed to limit fat intake POST workout, in favor of more carbs, or are you supposed to eat higher carb/lower fat throughout the course of the entire day?

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      Spend some time on Martin Berkhan's site "Leangains". I don't have the answers for you off the top of my head.


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        I think even after all the research you do, it still comes down to N=1.


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          Most people I know tend to stick their carbs in right after the workout. However, I am seeing more and more people not even worry about a post-workout carb load anymore. Just my experience, but I'm seeing fewer people at my gym immediately rushing for a sugar or starch fix after their lifting sessions.

          Granted, I cannot monitor everyone's behaviors and I don't plan to, but this is just from my preliminary observations of the folks at my gym. Protein seems to be what these people are grabbing now, not carbs.
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