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  • Food allergy concerns..

    So, I posted a previous thread about my pregnancy - but I am also concerned about diving right into eating meat and skipping the grains and such because I have been a vegetarian for so long. I have food allergies which also scares me! I had a test done in July that said I was NOT allergic to wheat and dairy, soy, eggs, corn or fish. Unfortunately, I did end up becoming allergic to wheat (after eating it my whole life) and am on a gluten-free and now dairy free (because of random sensitivities and allergic flare ups on occasion). Because most of my protein and "nutrition" comes from eating lentils, rice, all kinds of beans, and very few types of nuts, tofu and other soy products, I am hoping to transition to eating foods that were actually made for my body to digest and nourish me. I'd love to try fish, but am scared I will become allergic - just thinking about it scares me.. I am also ready to try and give meat a try but don't want to get sick from just eating a hunk of steak or something. Any suggestions? I do eat eggs and have eaten dairy on and off for the past couple of years (in between my non-vegan stages) - I have heard that if a vegetarian has eaten animal byproducts, it is easier for them to get back into eating meat again. I am also still attached to my love for animals. And I really am still grossed out by seeing raw meat and the taste of chicken and the texture just aren't something I am used to yet. I don't want to let that hold me back because I have so many food restrictions already. It's just all so confusing and upsetting. I need some help!!

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    Oh yeah, I also have reactive hypoglycemia, which seems to do a lot better when I eat more protein, fat and complex carbs. Another reason why I have done some research of the Primal/Paleo diet. My rh got better after going gluten-free and then after ditching dairy, but being pregnant also makes me hungry more which in turn messes with my blood sugar!