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What should I ask for re: blood test

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  • What should I ask for re: blood test

    If I want to know whether my LDL level is concerning or not (fluffy vs. dense), which blood test should I ask for ? Lipoprotein subfraction?


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    I think you want a VAP test ( It gives you a direct measurement rather than one based on formulas. If your trigs are very low then the formulas are apparently inaccurate. Checkout this post if you haven't already :


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      A VAP test is probably best. Look for "LDL pattern type." Pattern A is large, fluffy and non-harmful, which is what you want.
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        Just a comment--I had doctors bothering me for years about my "high" LDL (which was only about 140). When my endo did a VAP test, my LDL was 100% Pattern A!

        He said that when the HDL is high (mine is always between 75 and 95) and the triglycerides are low (I'm about 50-60 all the time), he finds that the LDL is almost always the 'good' kind.

        I've saved a copy of the test for other doctors who may be 'concerned' about my cholesterol.


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          Thanks everyone. VAP it is...

          Does insurance generally cover this? If not, and it's out of pocket, what's the general range of costs?
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            Is the VAP test better than the NMR?