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I'm feeling rather stuck.

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  • I'm feeling rather stuck.

    Yep, I'm stuck and need my fellow PB's to help me out of this rut =/ My weight loss has stalled at 135 which is in the higher range for my height of 5'3. I'd like to get down to 20% BF, but I seem to float around 25% (caliper tested at the gym).

    I've been consistently doing Zuzana's Zcut workouts for 3 weeks and I have had zero change to my body fat, I'm measuring and weighing the same; although I've been feeling less winded during the workouts. Just for reference the Zcut workouts are usually 5 min warm-up and then 15-20 mins of style workouts. It's all body weight stuff like burpees, tuck jumps, lunges, etc. usually done in # of rounds for time.

    I've been eating roughly 1300 calories at 60/20/20 f/p/c. I switched to HFLC 75/15/10 f/p/c for about two weeks and lost 3 lbs, but I gave up because my energy levels dropped even more and I wasn't recovering well from my workouts. I've been eating almost no processed food and have been staying away from sugar.

    Any suggestions?

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    How long have you been stuck? How much did you lose prior to this rut? What kind of poundage would you need to lose to get to that bf %?
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      I just did strict primal eating, but didn't count calories or macros. I started out at 170 and got down to 135 in 6 months, I've been at 135 for about a year now. I believe at 20% body fat I'd probably be sitting around 120 lbs.


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        I know most of the people on this forum hate this kind of question and the common response is to re-read the PB, but I'm really needing some help here. I completely understand that not everyone's experience is the same, but I'm hoping there is someone out there that has gone through something similar. Could my macros be way off?

        I think I'll post this somewhere else, the nutrition forum may not be the best place.


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          So you're looking to budge, what... the last 15 lbs?
          HFLC isn't really good for "the last few lbs" kind of loss.

          Lower the fat, more protein, moderate carb.
          Just lots and lots of low and moderate carb veg so that you aren't hungry, and some fruit and maybe high carb veg like potatoes on those work out days for recovery.

          And watch those calories. You haven't mentioned those yet.
          The last bit of weight is notorious for needing calorie tracking even of the first lot came off easily without tracking.
          Track what you are eating, lower it a bit, then some more, in maybe 100 cal increments until you start to see the scale move downward.
          Those calculators are vague at best... and can be way off.

          Also, are you lifting heavy things?
          Do so.

          Nutrition is absolutely the right place for this.
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            I like the idea of higher carbs on workout days. I do track my calories and always eat about 1300, should I look at eating more? Protein is always where I have a hard time, I never know what really is a good amount. I have a really hard time eating over 75g on a consistent basis. What would be a good amount of fat to shoot for?

            I was doing some heavy lifting and plan to start getting back into after my big out of state move. Right now I'm just focusing in hiit style workouts because its really all I have time for.
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              1300 Calories?? It seems like you work out a lot... and that is very very few Calories for someone as active as you.
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                That may be true, but calories and counting is really all confusing to me. I wasn't sure how to determine my activity level when figuring out calories because my workouts really only last 25 min max 5 days a week. I'm not super active besides that, I just look after my two toddlers during the day.

                According to my BMR is 1406.4 and I need about 1900 to 2100 daily calories to maintain my current weight. After going through all of the #'s I can see that I am eating about 700 to 900 calories deficit for weight loss. I wonder if this is where my problem is, I'm not trying to lose a ton of weight, I'm trying to build muscle and lower my body fat %. Would you say a calorie deficit doesn't work for those last few pounds? I've never really figured out the best way to lower body fat % because up until PB I didn't care.
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                  I personally lost my last few eating higher carbs and protein, with lower fat, while doing cardio daily. Vanity pounds will be very hard to lose. I kept my calories low at ~1500.
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                    You may just be at a Plateau that takes some time to nudge through. Stick with the workouts and perhaps add in some longer cardio (shocking I know). For me, plateau busting is always aided by 45%F/35%P/20%C and some longer cardio (60-90mins) a few times a week.


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                      Up your calories. If your BMR is around 1400 and you are only eating 1300, your body is going to think it is starving. Also, if you want to build muscle, you need more protein. I would say around 135 g a day. Protein is the main building block for muscle.

                      I would say go up to at least 1800 calories. I am guessing at 1300 and only 75 grams of protein, your body is taking away from the muscle as fast as you are building it. So work on eating more, especially the protein, I think you will be surprised at the extra energy you gain from it.


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                        Thanks everyone, I'll definitely start getting more protein and up my calories too. I want to finish Zcut before I change anything about my exercise routine because I have a tendency to flip flop between types of exercise a lot and I never really stick to anything long enough to see if its working. I'm sure that is adding to my problem, but I think I'll get my calories in check then work on adding some different type of exercise.


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                          Some people recommend keeping the majority of carbs you eat around the time of your workout. So before and/or after. Then the rest of the time stay fairly low carb. Not low carb as in go nuts on fat and try to be ketogenic. More like before and after workouts, you have your potatoes with your veggies and meat and the rest of the time you just have your veggies and meat.
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                            That sounds like a great idea, I really only want to eat carbs around workout time anyway so that would make it a bit easier to keep track of things. If I do things on a semi planned schedule I do a lot better than if I dont.