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Raw Squash & Headaches

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  • Raw Squash & Headaches

    Hey guys,
    This is my first time posting in the forum - glad to join in the fun! I have had a contstant headache for about 7 years, usually at the level of about 4/10 on the "pain scale", and getting up to around an 8 about once a week. It is there when I wake up until I go to bed, every day. Going primal is my most recent attempt and finding a solution, and although I feel better in other areas, the headaches still persist (I will continue to eat primally for the rest of my life, though).

    Here's an odd thing that I have noticed: Of course, sugar and grains make the headaches spike, but another thing that does this is raw squash. Whenever I'm cooking and eat a tiny peice before it's cooked, my headache gets worse immediately. Any ideas as to the cause of this? I'm hoping that this might give insight into a trigger than I may be unknowingly consuming to cause the constant lower-level headaches. Thank you!!