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philly cream cheese? ok?

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  • philly cream cheese? ok?

    Is this an acceptable product for one to consume?

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    not if you avoid dairy or are stict primal; but, it is low carb. I still eat a lot of it, and I love that it is cheap. It is likely, however, that if it isn't organic it probably has a lot of undesirable ingredients in it.
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      I like it stuffed into jalapenos, wrapped in bacon and baked. I buy an organic brand but it is not raw, so only have it once a month or so............
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        Not really about philly cream cheese, but is there a brand of cream cheese out there that is just cheese and does not have added stuff like carob or locust bean or xanthan gums?

        the only cream cheese ive found with the least amount of stuff in it is horizon organic cream cheese which is: Organic Grade A Milk And Cream, Cheese Cultures, Salt, And Locust Bean Gum.


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          There is an organic brand, "Nancy's" that I use sometimes. Can find it at the health food stores.