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Get Moar fat into my baby.

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    Originally posted by not on the rug View Post
    paleo/primal isn't a low carb diet. so in the name of common sense here, if this forum is predominantly full of peop0le who are low carb, then it is predominantly full of idiots (probably true). a growing and developing child's food intake should not be limited to low carb choices, etc. the child should be eating plenty of fruit, potatoes, even rice, unless you are detecting some sort of sensitivities to these things. zach wasn't suggesting feeding the child bread and pasta 24/7. its threads like this one that lead to some idiot parent down the road experimenting with ketosis on their 2 year old. people here need to get it together. mark's arbitrary carb curb is designed to be helpful for people who are in need of losing weight. my guess is that the 15 month old isn't morbidly obese.
    I never said to make this child low carb. That comment was for primal in general, and I deleted it, as it was irrelevant to this thread.
    Compared to CW, primal is LC, no-one can argue that. How low carb a person goes on primal varies and depends on their needs.
    I do not restrict primal foods for my children at all.

    So I repeat, I never ever said that children should be low carb. I was arguing with someone who constantly talks about how dangerous low carb is. But again I deleted it, as it was irrelevant to this.


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      I always try to stay away from conflicts, online and IRL. While I disagree with some of the things Zach posts here, the carb question was a legitimate one, and quite honestly he beat me to it.
      TribalRob, you got so many hopefully helpful ideas to try and help your little one feel better and if for some reason her discomfort continues, try a rounded teaspoon honey dissolved in a glass of lukewarm water. I used to give that my son a while back when he was a toddler and it always worked.


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        Cool, my assumption was correct.

        BTW, it's fair to ask the question about what might be happening with the question for advice is more open ended.

        TR: my baby is having hard stools, what sorts of things did you do about this and/or do you think might be the problem?

        SomeoneAsks: How much fruit is she getting?


        TR: I think my baby needs more fat because of her stool issues; how do I get more *fat* into her?

        SomeoneAsks: how much fruit is she getting?

        See the diff?


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          Originally posted by Finnegans Wake View Post
          Hey Zachamix, did anyone ask you to pitch in about any fucking carbs? No? Then why do you feel the compulsion? Are you really this much of an obsessed sick fuck that all you do all day long is blather on about your stupid shit in every thread you can find on this site?
          Good question. I'm betting as I scroll down there will be a stupid entry by derpamix.


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            Originally posted by Derpamix View Post
            Surely, it can't be you that's wrong, it has to be someone that thinks a different way than you do that is wrong. I mean, you definitely do a fabulous job of refuting Zach with all your worldly knowledge of primal buzzwords "MY N=1 HERP DE DERP" This is called being stubborn as AngryKiwi47 said. You're the most intolerant person here, which says a lot. You're the only one actively out to annoy anyone(because you definitely annoy me, and that takes a lot to accomplish, so congrats) and if you aren't, you're sure doing a good job of it anyway

            This forum also isn't predominately low carb, just because you want it to be.
            Bingo! bit obvious these days

            zachamix is a very appropriate


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              Anyways, my sister encountered this issue with her son and used coconut oil and a prune puree. Good luck. Can't be easy with an uncomfortabel bub and it drove my sister mad.


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                MOAR coconut oil and butter and cream on the baby this morning Honestly I think I clean more food off her than I give her, and there is still loads in the bowl, some must go in otherwise wise she would still do BM poos

                We shall see what happens next time she poos - it's not all that often - but it never was, used to be every 2 to 3 days before she got any food

                At least she enjoys her food
                You know all those pictures of Adam and Eve where they have belly button? Think about it..................... take as long as you need........................


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                  fingers crossed, my sister swore the coconut oil made all the difference