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PB mixed with metabolic typing may be optimal

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  • PB mixed with metabolic typing may be optimal

    i started reading about PB last june julyish? and actually started following it in about august. i mainly started pb because of stomach issues as i have mentioned before, never had weight issues--5'3 120 most weight around thighs butt---started eaing LOTS of meat, nuts and veggies and really tried to stay away from fruits and starches. I found myself overeatting meat and feeling really full but not satisfied. its been nine months and although my reflux is gone i now have other issues just as bad or maybe worse. i have discomfort on my right side which i beleve to be the gallbladder (still have to get that checked) i also have lower right side pain, i have gained a few pounds--only two or three, but kinda noticeable around my hips and generally i just dont feel too well. So, i found metabolic typing and figured i was a mixed metabolic type. Because both my parents are from the Dominican Republic it makes for me to be this and actually feel optimal. Dont get me wrong i still agree with the primal foods---no grains, sugar, and for me dairy and nuts--but i find that i feel better when i have a very "balanced" meal that includes a starchy carbohydrate, protein and fat. In fact, i really love organ meats, ALL kinds---still havent tried brains though-- and prefer that and dark meat to lean meats. I've been adding my carbs back and lower the protein and fat, in comparison to what i've been eating for the past nine months and hope this will help with the issues i continue to unfortunately have :/...what do you guys think about this approach?

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    I don't think there's any evidence that people actually have "different metabolisms" which necessitate one type of diet with regard to macronutrients, but it's not out of the question that other nutrients provided easily by the diet of people's ancestors might be less efficiently utilized by the body (since there wasn't a strong selection pressure to use them carefully). If you feel better eating some starch and you're not trying to lose weight, then go for it.

    I personally find that it's only a weekly(ish) starchy meal that I need to feel good, so you might try that.
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      I think sticking w/ primal/paleo foods is great, and just stick to whatever macronutrients make you feel best! I don't think very low carb is the way to go for everyone, and I'm not sold on the idea that starchy veggies and tubers are bad for us...(you can still keep the carbs under 150 while consuming various tubers too...)

      If you google 'primal wisdom' and 'primal potatoes', you'll find some interesting stuff there about starches and hunter gatherer diets.

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        I eat primal, but also follow the type A diet. As long as I stay away from the things on the avoid list from both I feel great.

        I say you know your body better than any one. Do what makes you feel the best.


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          Vivian most people here know im a avid supporter of mixed Primal/Metabolic typing. I think it's a great idea, because in the end you need to eat the way that works best for you.
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            thanks everyone for your input!
            @ FairyRae...thanks this was very helpful!
            @EGYnutrition--yes i agree...great site btw
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              Thanks Vivian. I truly appreciate that. Been getting a lot of good feedback lately and to know that I might be helping people, as little as it may be, makes me truly happy. Thanks again.
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