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  • Can't do it

    Well I lasted 4 weeks, how you guys do it I don't know, you must have great discipline. Trying to eat healthier but just can't stop eating wheat totally lol.

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    It's not that hard, but if you're only having wheat very rarely, you're still better off than the rest. I try to stay away as much as I can, but if someone (for some reason) fixed me a sandwich I don't turn it down. If I had a very serious gluten intolerance though, that would be a different story.

    It's not a religion, you haven't sinned, just don't be stupid enough to go back to eating wheat/etc all the time. Make smarter choices, that's all.
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      I didn't go 100% right away, either. Heck, I still eat some wheat here and there - though it makes my joints hurt and more. But I was from a food desert and ate only packaged foods most of my life. We all come from different places with different goals in mind, so what works for you might not work for me. The biggest thing I did that killed my cravings and food addictions was to eat more organ meats like liver. My best guess is that I was chronically low in most nutrients and so always craved food, but the wrong food! Once I filled my body with real nutrition, the cravings all but disappeared practically. Take it slow, try different things. Heck, even if all you take from PB is to eat more nutrient-dense food and less chaff, you've improved yourself!
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        I was primal for years but still cheating with wheat a couple times a month, thinking it was no big deal. I recently did a nutrition challenge at my gym and went completely wheat-free for a month, and felt so awesome at the end of it that I stuck to it and haven't had wheat since. I no longer crave it at all, either. I think it's okay to just whittle down slowly at your wheat intake until the cravings get fewer and fewer and you can eventually cut it completely. And like iniQuity said, eating less wheat is better than SAD, even if you're still cheating more than you'd like.

        Just take each day as it comes and try again tomorrow if you don't have a good one.


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          When you see certain foods as poison, it's not so hard.
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            Try easing into it instead of diving in all at once.
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              Thanks folks, wise words, I will try again, chocolate is another thing I find hard to resist at times.


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                Ummm... chocolate (especially good dark chocolate!) is a perfectly acceptable primal treat.

                Wheat... bleh. Useless and I don't want it, but yeah... like others have said, give yourself some time.
                You don't have to be perfect from day one.
                If you are eating it once every couple of weeks or something while you adjust... that is still way better!
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                  Some people have better luck doing drastic changes, while others are more successful doing gradual change.

                  Four weeks is pretty good. Let's say that for your whole first year of trying to change, every four weeks you just caved and had pizza or a sandwich, or whatever wheaty thing it is you miss. That's 13 servings in a year. Contrast that to someone eating a SAD diet who may be having 365 wheat servings/year - because after all, they can't live without that cereal every morning or that sprouted wheat tofu sandwich at lunch.

                  Even if you continued for the rest of your life to have 13 wheat/grain days a year, you'd be so much better off than people who think "grain is life."
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