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  • Breastfeeding mamas???

    I am wondering what other breastfeeding mamas are eating, I don't feel like I am eating enough but I also am not losing any weight and its very annoying. I feel like the reason I have stopped losing weight is because I am not getting enough in so my body doesn't want to let go of any extra weight just in case. I was losing the weight until I figured out that my son was having sensitivities to foods, so first I went dairy free, and it got a lot better but still he was having issues so now I am dairy free, egg free and nut and seed free (my midwife said to stay away from soy, wheat and corn also but I already do that because we were primal). I do eat one small potato a day because I like them and when I was not eating them my milk supply was going down, when I added them in it went back up again. My daily diet looks something like this: Breakfast is a small potato cooked in bacon grease and meat, either 1/3 lb of beef or sausage or 2-3 slices of bacon. Snack is usually a banana or an apple Lunch if I can manage to get time to eat it is a big salad with 3-4 cups of lettuce, carrots, bell peppers, celery, olives, avocado if I have one and some tomato with oil and vinegar for dressing and some kind of meat, usually chopped up left over pork chops or chicken. Dinner is a meat (pork chop, burger patties, steak, or chicken quarter) with a side of veggies cooked in bacon grease. If I was not able to eat lunch today then I also eat a smaller salad with dinner. Pork chops are always cooked in coconut oil. Sometimes I will have no choice but to skip lunch and when I do that I usually have another piece of fruit like and apple or a small orange, or some carrot sticks or something like that. Does this sound like I am getting enough? My son is almost 7 weeks old, and I have a 4 year old also and work full time from home so I am pretty busy, I am also trying to start getting back to running because I would like to run the warrior dash again this year in August. And I am trying to start doing some strength training like squats and push-ups, stuff like that to help me rebuild my muscles as I got quite large and lazy when I was pregnant. I am 5' 4" tall and at the moment weigh 192 pounds, the day I gave birth I was at 118 pounds. With my first child I was not able to get below 150 pounds no matter what I did until I stopped nursing him at 2 1/2 years old and then I went from 150 to 130 within a month so I am not looking to get under 150 for the next 2 years but it would be really nice to fit into something that is not maternity! Thanks for any input anyone can give me!

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    Sounds to me like you could stand to eat more food. I am guessing that you aren't getting enough sleep. Hard to do with 2 little ones and a full time job. Have you checked your vitamin D levels? Nursing moms are at a higher risk of being low, especially if you are above 40 degrees latitude.

    If I were you, I would focus on getting good sleep, and looking into my vitamin D levels. I know as a working/nursing mother, you add a lot of stress into your life. Try to eat more, and not stress too much about the weight loss. I would predict that as baby starts sleeping longer, and mom too that it will be easier to lose the weight.


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      Congrats on your baby! Mine is 9 weeks! I'm here and listening, but I posted a similar question, this morning, so I am hoping you get some great feedback here. I come from a lifelong of grazing nonstop, on empty wheat products (i.e. animal crackers and pretzels galore), so this is all new to me, and really tough. I am learning to eat larger meals and snack much less. It's SO counterintuitive to me, so I feel like I'm basically re-learning to eat. We should keep in touch - we can learn and lose together!


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        I'm going to tell you my story -- which I have told before.

        I didn't loose my breastfeeding weight until DS was 14 months old and relying on food rather than breastmilk for nutrition (even though breastmilk was still a lot of his nutrition.

        I ate well, was active, and breastfed exclusively. I assumed that I would loose weight really quickly. I assumed wrong. I was one of those ladies who did not, and in fact kept my weight on my arms, upper back, shoulders and breasts. From the waist up, i looked very overweight. from the waist down, I was normal at about 8-9 months.

        It wasn't until 14 months that the remaining weight came off with no troubles at all. This was when DS transitioned to eating actual meals (eating for nutrition) rather than having food for fun/flavor/etc. After that, it basically disappeared with no extra effort.

        So, my first recommendation is: don't worry about it. Some women do not loose weight due to breast feeding. And some of us carry it in weird places (like I did).

        Just eat until you are satisfied, and be sure to drink plenty of water/etc.


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          Ash877 - It could be a slight lack of sleep, he does sleep a 4-5 hour block most night now so that helps, but I am pretty much a walking zombie most of the time. My vitamin D levels are good, I supplement them a lot and spend as much time as I can in the sun.

          Yippy - Congrats on your baby too! Only a few weeks difference. I have been primal 90% of the time for the last 3 years, so I get the eating part of it, the problems started when I realized that my son is sensitive to my eating of nuts/seeds, dairy and eggs. I can live without dairy and nuts fine but I just cant get enough to eat without eggs. I have posted a thread in the recipes section looking for help with this.

          zoebird - With my first I didn't lose beyond 150, its like my body had to keep that weight on while everyone kept telling me how breastfeeding was a miracle for weight loss. I don't at all expect to get down to where I want to be within the next few years, but I would really like my clothes to start fitting again. At this point I would be happy to be in the 170's because at least some of my clothes fit then. I was losing pretty good when I was eating enough, but as soon as I stopped eating a lot because I just don't know what to eat that is quick and easy and not going to make the baby sick. But at least I know that I am not the only one who keeps weight on while breastfeeding when everyone is telling me how much weight they lost all because of breastfeeding.


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            Overall, the food choices are good. . . you just have to figure out how to eat more of it.