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Breakfast/Lunch for a Nursing Mom with broken satisfaction signals...

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  • Breakfast/Lunch for a Nursing Mom with broken satisfaction signals...

    Hi all - this is my first (or second??) time posting, and I am looking for some ideas. I am a nursing mom of a 9 week old, and my appetite is relatively voracious. I come from a lifelong snacking/grazing habit, which I am trying to break. I have milk-supply issues, and I find that I need to eat at least 2200 calories a day, to keep my supply adequate, while still losing my baby weight (I find that I lose, eating as much as 2500 calories, which is amazing!). I am NOT looking for ways to increase my supply - I have tried it all and I'm well aware of how to keep up my supply, but I suffer from low supply, due to a breast reduction, about 15 years ago, which left me with damaged ducts (sorry if that's way too much info).

    Anyway, I am looking for ways to eat bigger meals, so I can stop my ridiculous snacking habits. I'm fine with small snacks, but I've been noticing that maybe my meals are too small, and then I'm grazing ALL day. I am worried about overeating, though, so I'm wondering what is a "normal-sized" breakfast and/or lunch, for someone one 2000-2500 calories, per day. Right now, I'm eating 2 eggs with a sliver (maybe 1.5 tsp) butter, and a bunch of steamed broccoli. Is this too much? Not enough? Normal? I am so worried about overeating, because that tends to be an issue for me. My goal is health, plus a 10 pound weight loss. Thoughts on meal sizes?? I worry that if I just intuitively stop when I am "full," i'll never stop! I feel like my satisfaction meter may be a tad... broken??

    Not sure if this is at all clear, but I'm wondering if anyone might be able to give me some feedback on this! Thanks!

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    Congrats on new baby!

    I can't speak to being a nursing mom but, like you, I have always been an all-day snacker. Over the last month or so I've managed to pretty much eliminate my grazing habit, learn what my hunger signals really feel like and crush sugar cravings, by eating a huge breakfast and a more moderate lunch and dinner with nothing in between, not even drinks with calories (so plain tea, black coffee, water only).

    In my opinion, you aren't eating enough at breakfast, especially not enough fat (butter is so good it deserves to have more of it eaten in one go than a measly teaspoon!). My typical breakfast (which I just finished eating) is 3 eggs plus 1/4 c. whites scrambled in 1-2 T. coconut oil (or bacon fat, whatever's handy), about 4 oz. meat (leftover steak today, yeah!) and half an avocado. I would throw in some veggies but this is pretty much the limit of what I can handle eating in one sitting. I stir a couple tablespoons of coconut cream into my first coffee of the day, too. It sounds like a ton of food, and it is...and it took me a couple weeks to get used to eating this much for breakfast, but once I adjusted, this easily keeps me going for most of the day. Yesterday I had breakfast at around 9am, and by the time I realized I hadn't eaten since then and checked my watch, it was five minutes to 4pm...and since dinner was only two hours away, I just waited it out and sipped some hot water with lemon.

    It can't hurt for you to a huge breakfast one day and see how you feel through the day. You won't be able to eat indefinitely without stopping ever; you will feel full after eating that much at breakfast. To keep your daily calories in the range you want, just adjust how much you eat at lunch and dinner.

    My first two weeks of eating this way I dropped five pounds after several months of no scale movement, likely because I was eating less overall. Weight loss aside, the biggest benefit for me is not snacking constantly and not even thinking about food all that much. And if something tempting is put in front of me, I find it much easier to say no.

    Good luck!


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      The most effective tool I've ever found for appetite control is to eat a good sized breakfast that consists of at least 30g of protein - ideally with a decent amount of fat and minimal carbs - within an hour of waking up. I couldn't believe how, after just a few days, my appetite had waned and was totally under control without any effort. I felt satisfied after eating and was able to get through the day without feeling like I was starving and in need of a snack to get me through to the next meal - I wasn't even thinking about food at all. Spacing my meals 5 (and often 6) hours apart was also very effective and totally do-able after sticking to the breakfast regimen religiously, although that may be too long while nursing - you'll know after trying it for a while. The great thing was that I wasn't having to "tough it out" to do it, either. I ate, was satisfied, and then was on to the next thing on the to-do list of the day.

      The effects of this have been huge for many. (I first learned of it by reading the gigantic Leptin Reset thread that was big for quite a while around here and there's definitely something to it) After doing this every day for a while, the urge to snack was non-existent, even at night, which is huge in itself! When I've gravitated away from doing this for whatever reason, I start to have issues with hunger and not feeling satisfied for long even after a well rounded, good sized meal. Nighttime "snackiness" comes right back almost instantly and I'm not able to go too long between meals without really forcing myself, which is where I think most of us start to get into trouble...

      Try it for at least a week or two! I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
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        thanks for your input. I appreciate your examples of what is a good amount of food, at breakfast. I think I've been so scared of overeating, I fear eating a large breakfast, because I think it might trigger me to overeat all day. I will try 3 eggs tomorrow, in a more generous amount of butter. I am really hesitant about it, but totally willing to try! Thanks, again!


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          Don't worry about it at this point. It sounds like everything is working just fine (you know, except a few ducts!), so if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

          After weaning, you can get into IF and stuff. But until then, no worries.


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            It seems counterintuitive, but eating a large breakfast absolutely sets me up to NOT be hungry for the rest of the day.

            That said, since you're a breastfeeding mother, I wouldn't look at restricting calories AT ALL. Just make sure your foods are primal (no processed junk) and you're good to go.
            Disclaimer: I eat 'meat and vegetables' ala Primal, although I don't agree with the carb curve. I like Perfect Health Diet and WAPF Lactofermentation a lot.

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              Before I had to get very strict and restrictive with my diet I was eating a small potato cooked in bacon grease, 1/3 lb of meat of some sort and 3 eggs cooked in 2 tablespoons of butter for breakfast, a large salad for lunch (you know the set of 3 mixing bowls, the largest one is my "large" salad, my entire family makes fun of me because they say that its a gigantic salad) with home made dressing either made out of full fat sour cream mixed with heavy whipping cream and spices or a olive oil vinegar mix with lots of veggies, cheese, olives whatever I wanted and between 1/4 and 1/2 pound of meat, and then for dinner I would eat a small steak or pork chop (pork cooked in coconut oil) with a side of veggies. I was losing plenty of weight and felt great eating this much, had no need to snack at all. Now that I cant eat like this because it makes my baby sick I am failing to eat enough and feel like shit, and can not lose any of my extra baby weight (not trying to get model skinny, would just like to lose a pound or so a week to get into the 150's).