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Whats your take on the 80/20 from PB?

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  • Whats your take on the 80/20 from PB?

    I keep seeing people saying things like Oh ill drink booze as my 20% or ill have that cake etc.

    The main thing I take from the PB is avoid poisons.
    Then for the 80/20 I take it more as, if you go out to a restaurant and the meal is cooked in some nasty oil, but its a good plate of meat and veg, you don't beat yourself up and just move on.
    So aim for 100% but if there are situations where you can't avoid something, don't worry about it so much.

    How do you see it?
    Just curious, don't want to start a war

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    yeah that's exactly what i do, i don't plan for a regular cheat, but if sausage rolls are at the buffet (as per saturday night) i won't worry about it. etc...


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      Hi Ayla, yes that's pretty much the way I see it too. And as a result I probably hit way higher than 80% overall. As they say, if you aim at nothing, you're sure to hit it. Or from the other angle, if you aim for the stars you may at least reach the moon.
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        Yeah, I don't calculate out my 20%, as in after x healthy meals I get x number of cheats. It's just wiggle room for the non primal stuff like artificial sweeteners in my life.
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          my 5% non primal is generally I go to a restaurant and I'm not sure what kind of oil is in my food. I eat most of my food at home, but that's not always practical.

          I don't bring into my house any non primal foods (generally speaking). I have a birthday this week and hubster knows that I just wouldn't be interested in any cake --- or sweet treats --- I just wouldn't eat them. It's no big deal for me. I would much rather have a treat of high fat greek yogurt. I keep it simple and life is good ---- my waist is down to 26-1/2" and given I'm turning 49, I'm quite happy with that --- thank you Mark Sisson and Primal! /Lu
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          Goal Reached: 30-09-12 @ 143lb. Now bouncing between 145lb - 149lb. I'd like less bounce and more consistency :-)

          Started Cross Fit 20.12.12 ---- Can't wait to submit my success story on the 1st anniversary of starting primal.


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            Ayla, I try to stay 100%, but I am not perfect and don't want to add in any more stress. My 20%, if that honestly, is for when we go out and there are things I can't avoid on the menu or at my non primal friend's place. In those situations I do the best that I can. If I were to plan my "20% cheat" it would end up more like 40% and I am not willing to feel that crappy and derail my progress.
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              I try to "save" my 20% for work related social functions. These functions (unfortunately) always involve eating food somewhere, and its easier to just bite the bullet and eat shitty than explain to everyone in my department (including my multiple bosses) why I'm not eating at this social gathering. They interpret it as being rude no matter how I explain it.

              So, I save it for times of diplomacy at my job.


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                I see the 80/20 rule the same as you do. It is for those unavoidable events - eating out, social occasions, food gifts from friends etc - that are part of modern life and cannot be avoided. That said, I will drink the occasional beer or eat the rare baked good because, well, becuase I can. I don't call it a 'cheat' or 'my 20%' I call it a choice. I enjoy it and move on.


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                  thanks everyone, was just curious of everyones opinions and I was making sure I wasn't totally crazy


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                    Thanks for the responses here. I am only six weeks into Primal and I want to be better with my 20%. This thread has been helpful for me. Now to get my head in gear.


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                      I never decide to eat something and then use the 20% rule as an excuse. For me the 20% covers those situations where I don't have a choice. (work camp, hotel/restaurant, etc.) Even in those environments I will do an IF before I will eat non-primal. Sometimes however, it is unavoidable and in those cases I don't dwell on it.
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                        My 20% are my weekly trips to the microbrewery/restaurant. On the plus side, their beer and sweet potato fries are excellent. On the neg-side its beer and the sweet potato fries are in some nonprimal oil. On the plus side, i actually like their fish and chips, on the neg side, its battered fish.


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                          I've always looked at it as do your best but don't beat yourself up if you aren't perfect.
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                            Mixed feelings. On the one hand, life is too short to never eat my lasagna again. On the other, I usually only took the time to make it twice a year, so I skipped it this past xmas and didn't really miss it.

                            My 20 has usually been alcohol. Clear spirits, no mixer. Yesterday, I watched that lecture called Sugar: The Bitter Truth. Turns out alcohol and fructose are metabolized almost the same. While I realize that the lecturer was trying to say, "fructose is like alcohol, don't eat it," since fructose isn't a big part of my meals (especially in winter), the message I got was, "alcohol is like fructose, don't drink it!"

                            Anyway, 80/20 is better than SAD. For people who ease into things better than making drastic changes, it's a good transition. For anyone who is healthy, it's fine. For people with health or weight issues, it's probably better to go all in until health is again robust and weight doesn't diminish quality of life.
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                              As a college student, I like to plan and budget exactly what I'm doing.

                              To me, the 80/20 means no going out to eat, no going out to the bar, no dairy, no alcohol, and no cheating, until Saturday. Every Saturday I go to the farmer's market in Marietta, try all the cheeses, breads, pastries, and pick up my vegetables for the week. Then I go try a new restaurant and a new beer. Saturday night I go to Atlanta with my girlfriend and, same thing, try a new restaurant and a new beer.

                              I do VLC during the week so this is a good carb refeed. Keeps my metabolism in tip top shape, and eases some of the stress of being very strict with the diet. I love my weekly cheat days!
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