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Primal beds?

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  • Primal beds?

    Hubby and I are looking for a new bed. The one we have is 25 years old...

    Any suggestions? And no I'm not sleeping on the floor, however I would love a floor type bed (no frame, thin toxic free mattress, etc).

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    Options are many.

    First, you might consider a japanese-style futon, which is usually used on the floor. But, you need to beat it and air it out regularly (that's how it's supposed to be kept). Usually, this is part of the process of putting the beds away for the day in the traditional way that japanese people used to live.

    Second, you might consider getting an organic mattress. I had one from the Organic Mattress Store in Hellertown, PA. Great beds, lots of options.

    For this sort of bed, it needs to have air flow around it (it's too heavy to beat out like a japanese futon). Thus, you want to create some kind of platform for it. The most simple is to take 2x4s the width of your bed, and get a number of them to run the length. You'll want to sand them down so that they won't snag your mattress. In my case, I opted to "gift wrap" each one in muslin fabric and with good adhesive. It actually worked really well and looked pretty nice, too.

    Ikea also has sustainable/organic mattresses that are less expensive, so those are worth a look as well. They also sell a lot of differnet kinds of slat bed frames that are great for these kinds of mattresses.

    We have a Design Mobel/Okooko organic mattress with a sustainably harvested bed frame (and headboard). I love this bed. It's my second organic mattress (went ahead and left the other one in the US), and I highly recommend them.

    And, they are expensive. So, be prepared for sticker shock.


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      Come on, really? It's a bed. Sleep is more primal than bed choice. Find something comfortable for you.
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        Well, since mattresses in the US are doused with carcinogenic chemicals. I think, thinking about where one spends 8 hours a day is pretty smart. My next mattress will definitely be organic to avoid the fire retardants.


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          We love our Ikea foam mattress, we shelled out extra for the adjustable slat base but it's worth it. I have never had a more comfortable mattress--our stupidly expensive and uncomfortable Serta is now in the guest room while we sleep on an Ikea foam mattress that cost half as much.


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            I have a bed but I usually sleep on a piece of a memory-foam mattress topper on the (fake) hardwood floor in a pitch black, windowless location. I feel like I haven't slept as deeply since I was a child.

            What about a hammock?
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              Thx for be tips. I did some googling and found organic buckwheat beds. They super inexpensive too. Not sure how they would feel. Anyone heard of mattress wrapping?


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                Buckwheat makes nice cushions/pillows, so I can imagine a mattress is very nice. If it's all organic, then you don't have to do any wrapping of the mattress.


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                  When I eventually settle down permanently, I'd want to buy a bamboo bed with a bamboo pillow. $7000.
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                    Ive found it very useful to be able to sleep on multiple types of surfaces. That seems a primal way of sleeping just sleeping wherever.