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What do you eat on a normal day?

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  • What do you eat on a normal day?

    Hi everyone,

    I started another thread asking for help with my inability to work through my wheat cravings. I got some good advice but from reading other threads, I suspect that one of my issues is simply that I'm not eating enough. Its a hard transition to make. For example, my breakfast usually consists of two eggs with a couple of strips of bacon. Through out the day I feel like eating more eggs but have refrained. I usually have a can of tuna with some vegatables for lunch and some chicken or beef for dinner.

    It would be really helpful if you could give me examples of what you eat on a "typical" day along with your height and weight (and gender if you feel comfortable with that).

    Thank you so much for all your help!

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    I suggest you look through this thread for the answers to your questions and get some good suggestions on what to eat:
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      Height: 5'6"
      Weight: Currently wavering btw 149 and 150
      Gender: Female

      I almost never eat breakfast because I work out in the mornings, and post-workout I have a protein shake. Lunch is usually something like eggs, cut up veggies, avocado, maybe some meat leftover from the night before. Dinner is always, without variation, a meat, a pile of greens, and a sweet potato with butter. My favorite greens are collards and kale. I steam them and mix them with butter, garlic, and salt. My favorite meats to cook are grilled pork tenderloin, steak, lamb, and ground beef (often in tomato sauce on top of spaghetti squash). After dinner I sometimes have dessert, which is frozen berries with either greek yogurt or coconut milk.

      I get sushi once a week or so, tacos a couple times a month (corn tortilla--still a cheat but better than wheat), and that's about it. I think the biggest defining characteristic of my food habits is my dinner, which is always meat + greens + sweet potato. I found that this dinner, beyond being super nutritious, is the best performance fuel for my workout the following morning.


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        Hi Jodie and welcome. I am 48yo female, 5'4", approx 59kg. I do a weights class maybe a couple of times a week and I eat HEAPS.

        Breakfast: Two eggs, butter-fried veges, sometimes bacon and/or cheese as well.
        Lunch: Maybe leftovers; or a big salad with all the trimmings such as avocado, olives, cheese, chicken.
        Snack: Nuts, fruit, chocolate, butter. Or treats made with combinations of these.
        Dinner: Meat and vegetables, maybe rice or potatoes. Sour cream or butter.

        Check out my journal for some more specific examples. I find I do best on three large meals and a decent snack. If I skimp on lunch (for example), then I will be hungry all the time and snacking continually. Doesn't affect my weight so much but it is less satisfying. Your meals sound similar to mine, maybe you could add some more butter and veges such as mushrooms and greens at breakfast and see if that helps. Are you trying to lose weight, or just to improve health?
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          36 yo
          5 ft 7 in
          128 lbs
          26-27 inch waist (depends upon TOM).
          1500-1700/cals day.

          Today's Menu

          Breakfast: 3 eggs fried in butter plus green juice. Green juice is 5 stalks celery, 3 leaves silver beet, fresh coriander, 1 lemon, 1 inch ginger, 1 small royal gala apple. This creates 3 cups of juice, which DH and I split. It's about 65 calories and about 10g carbs.

          Snack: left-over chicken (3-5 oz?) plus pear plus two small mandarin oranges, cup of black tea.

          Dinner: 200g fish, big salad (tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, lettuce, olive oil, salt, and pepper), 12 g extra dark chocolate, roobois chai (plain, no cream/coconut/etc).


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            Male, 18, 5'4, 121lbs.

            What do I eat? If I can, Primal nachos.

            Usually, a pound of meat, a KG of starch, and some fat in the form of cheese and /or bacon and/or guacamole.
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            Dark chocolate and coffee, running through my veins...

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              F, 5'2", 235 lbs.

              B - BP coffee

              L/D (late afternoon) Some kind of protein, probably about palm sized, plus maybe some guacamole or sour cream. Plus some salad veg, it depends on the day. Some very little carbs, others more. Occasionally I will have a small amount of sweet potato, but not often.
              If im hungrier will have another meal like the above.
              Occasionally through the day, ill have a coffee with HWC or tea with HWC.

              Do you not like eggs? You can eat more if you want to.
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                No Breakfast - coffee with coconut milk about 10am

                Lunch - usually a Big Ass Salad - I am big fan of chicken ceaser salad with anhovies or prawn salads. On workout days I will have a jacket potato with tuna

                Dinner - Roast chicken Dinner, Meatza, Meatballs and Spaghetti (Courgette/Zuchinni), Fish and Veg, turkey curry, Fish Thai Curry, chicken and chips (homemade)

                For a treat I will have pancakes made with almond flour or Chocolate Cup cake with berry sauce.

                I have about 10 dinner meals I rotate but I am fairly consistent in my breakfast and lunch.
                2010 - 5,11 and 101KG

                2012 - 5,11 and 77KG

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                  Thanks for the replies everyone and for the link! I am mostly doing this for health but I would honestly like to lose weight simply for vanity.

                  I am female
                  135 lbs.

                  I am pretty sure that my body fat ratio is rotten which is probably worse then the weight itself. I'm slowly starting to work out with weights. I used to jog and loved it but its hard on my knees. I miss it terribly.

                  I love eggs and would eat more every day. I just have to get over the mental block!


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                    Female, 5'8", 145lbs

                    Breakfast: at least 3 eggs, ground beef, 1/2-whole avocado, salsa, tea with coconut milk and 2 cups of bone broth. I also take 2 fish oil pills in the morning with breakfast

                    Lunch: 1 can of tuna with homemade mayo, pickles, carrots, peppers, 1oz shot of coconut oil, kombucha

                    Dinner: ground beef OR chicken OR sausages (whatever is cooked), steamed veg (broccoli usually) or a small green salad (leafy greens and my intestines are not good friends...found that out the hard way) and I take 2 tsps of Natural Calm in cold herbal tea before bed. About once a week I skip dinner because I am not hungry for it.

                    I have no real *reason* to lose weight, I'm perfectly health... it's all vanity pounds I am looking to shed (I see you getting closer summer!). I do hot yoga at least 4 times a week "power yoga" is what most would call it although I despise the term. I swim laps at least twice a week because swimming is my true love and I lift at least twice a week as well.

                    I don't snack and I don't eat fruit and nuts more than twice a week. I try to eat a lot of fat as it keeps me full and it seems my boobs stay big while my tummy gets flatter with the more fat routine (big boobs, flat tummy = ideal me!). I find when I eat more veggie carbs with my amount of exercise, my boobs shrink.


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                      5'6", female, 143 pounds, 27 years young!

                      Weekends are different than weekdays for me.

                      Breakfast :: 2 slices of bacon, veggies cooked in the bacon fat in the pan, eggs cooked in the bacon fat over-easy, coffee with some coconut oil or butter mixed in (kind of a modified bulletproof coffee)
                      Lunch :: Can of tuna mixed with home-made mayonnaise and shredded carrots in some lettuce leaves, a couple of ounces of raw cheese on the side.
                      Dinner :: Home-made pulled pork over a baked sweet potato and topped with wilted spinach.
                      Snacks :: Pistachios, smoothies made with berries and canned coconut milk, sometimes more raw cheese.

                      Weekdays (I work a desk job and eat breakfast, lunch, and sometimes my snack at work)...
                      Breakfast :: A couple of hard-boiled eggs, some raw cheese, coffee.
                      Lunch :: Half a rotisserie chicken, steamed veggies.
                      Dinner :: Leftovers from the night before (tonight will be pulled pork over wilted spinach).
                      Snacks :: Home-made coconut-almond-date bars, baby carrots.

                      I mention a lot of my daily meals in my journal, linked in my profile.
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                        1 or 2 boiled eggs, a cup of yogurt (full fat or nonfat depending on the company) with honey and fruit.
                        Lunchtime I'll have some kind of meat +either fruit or a vegetable soup + cheese, nuts, or chocolate
                        Dinner is meat, plus at least 2 vegetables, often potatoes, and a piece of fruit afterwards.

                        I'm getting into the habit of drinking tea several times daily.
                        That's from a 5' female who doesn't exercise much
                        If you have a few minutes- please take a look at my story, in my journal
                        I do warn you, I am a copious writer.


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                          Originally posted by Traderjodie View Post
                          Thanks for the replies everyone and for the link! I am mostly doing this for health but I would honestly like to lose weight simply for vanity.

                          I am female
                          135 lbs.

                          I am pretty sure that my body fat ratio is rotten which is probably worse then the weight itself. I'm slowly starting to work out with weights. I used to jog and loved it but its hard on my knees. I miss it terribly.

                          I love eggs and would eat more every day. I just have to get over the mental block!
                          If you're hungry eat. Eat ample fat with with those eggs! Eat as much as it takes to satisfy and satiate you. Then when you're hungry again, eat another meal. Fat, meat, veggies, dairy if you tolerate it. Fruit once in a while.

                          My food varies from day to day, but most days I don't eat breakfast, just coffee & cream. Lunch is often leftovers of some meat/veg and maybe potatoes - preferably something I can put avocado on top of. Dinner is meat/veg/veg (starch on the side for those that want it) with ample cooking fat and/or butter on top.
                          *My obligatory intro

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                            Hello this is the Sage, just signed on and having a wonderful time settling in... I am enjoying reading all your experiences and would like to add to the mix, from my experiences on the road to good health. I am 70 years old, and I am proof what works.

                            For starters, I recommend a wonderful book, "Wheat Belly," by Dr. William Davis... you will be amazed.

                            Until next time,


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                              Female, 5'7, 125-130 lbs (haven't weighed myself in awhile), 22 years old

                              Usually have coffee with cream for breakfast. After a few hours maybe some eggs (usually 3 at a time) cooked in butter with some greens, salsa, and an avocado. Lunch/dinner is usually something like a bunch of meat/fish with veg, another avocado...might have some more coffee w/cream or some tea during the day. Sometimes I just eat some cheese or Greek yogurt too. One of my fav snacks is cheese with dried seaweed! It's better than it sounds. I usually just have two large meals a day.
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