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Is cheese on your Primal plate?

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    Cheese is wonderful. I use a couple of tablespoons of grated parmesan to liven up some dishes. I also like goat cheese and lox wrapped in nori. To curb my tendencies to eat it in large quantities, I try to stick with small portions of pricier cheeses.

    So, yes, it's on my plate.
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      I fear I have a problem with cheese, I buy organic string cheese for my kid's lunches and end up eating half of it myself. :x We may have to have a cheese-free month soon, once the organic raw milk sharp cheddar I stockpiled from Aldi runs out...


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        I eat real cheeses (artisanal, mostly raw milk cheeses). But in very small quantities.

        I also eat yogurt I make myself from whole organic milk I source locally.

        I eat sour cream (creme fraiche, really) made from local organic cream and buttermilk, and use a dab of it here and there.

        I don't drink milk.



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          Every time I eat cheese, I get sucked into the cheese-chocolate-coffee vortex that I have to painfully force myself out of. I give up on it
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            We eat cheese, mostly raw artisan, only strong flavored no mild stuff for us. I don't usually snack on it but will use it in a dish. I did the whole30 w/o dairy and didn't seem to notice any difference. We also make our own sour cream which is divine.
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              I love cheese. However 2 months ago I gave up dairy except for butter. I'll work it back in when I'm healthier, maybe. I'm finding I can live comfortably without it. My main challange now is to eat 5-6 servings of green leaves a day, at 2 cups / serving. That's hard. I wish I could like kale.
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                I adore cheese and eat it a few times per week. I found a great organic raw sharp cheddar that I buy every time I go to the market. When I don't go raw, I enjoy bleu, sharp cheddar, goat's milk, sheep's milk, and mozzarella cheeses! I also consume dairy in the form of Kerrygold and other European butters. I don't drink milk.

                I'm about 90% primal now, and one of my guilty pleasures in my 10% is ice cream which I probably have once a month, if that.
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                  Not at all. I consume absolutely zero dairy of any kind and I honestly don't miss it or ever have the desire to consume it.


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                    As much raw organic cheese as I can afford 100-200g a day. I woul eat a pound or more if I could afford it. I think everybody should, I don't see a reason to not eat it. I think it falls in the liver-eggs category whwn it comes to nutrition. And it tastes amazing.
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                      I bloody well love dairy (but can appreciate why others do not).

                      If I could subsist off cheese alone, I certainly would. Alas, I cannot.

                      Cheese is a (relatively) inexpensive protein source, especially for me as I don't like egg (yet).

                      I like practically every kind of cheese. Goat cheese is beautiful for my salads, Meunster (an American style cheese) is great for snacking, and I'm growing quite fond of Queso Fresco / Queso Blanco (Mexican White Cheese, very close to Farmer Cheese).

                      The latter is potentially least "Primal" in terms of the PB. However, it's quite a bit the least refined cheese possible.

                      Soon: Making my own cheese.