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Good and Affordable Grass-Fed Jerky?

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    Originally posted by Smartass99 View Post
    You know Merl, you don't have to be condescending about it. He asked for an alternative to making it.

    I'm just speaking because I see a lot of people eating primal or paleo with an elitist attitute. You don't know his situation... He could be going to med school, he could be barely staying away from the soup kitchen, or he could just be lazy.

    I agree with making your own, but I don't see where the whole "couldn't give up wheat because it's 'too hard' comment was at all necessary.
    Thanks, I really did not appreciate the comment. I am not lazy. I just am a first year college student and jerky is just one of the ways I can have primal food. I looked at making jerky, I just don't want to put a lot of money and time trying to find a way to get the meat and the culinary tools that i don't have on hand. I know of an oven that i might be able to use instead but i worry i don't have enough cooking experience to know what i am doing.


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      Originally posted by qqemokitty View Post
      It all comes down to what you find affordable. This is my favorite beef jerky of the moment. At ~50 bucks for 24 servings, the cost is not exactly dorm-budget friendly. I work full time and go to school full time and care for a sick mom and game competitively so hanging around watching meat dry is pretty low on my list of things to do, hence tossing cash at my jerky craving. :P

      No freezing or thawing required, they are individually wrapped servings, they are super yummy. You can buy in varying quantities, so it's easy to try out. The more you buy, the cheaper it is. The only downside is they are a very small operation so it takes at least a week, sometimes two, to get your order in hand.

      Gourmet Grassfed Jerky


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        Originally posted by specsAreGrok View Post
        Why? Jerky is a very lean meat, specifically because the fat is what goes rancid and makes it go bad so jerky shouldn't have much if any fat at all. Since you are cutting the fat out, the difference between grass-fed and grain-fed jerky should be minimal.
        Well I am just worried about how most of the food served in my college is cooked in vegetable oil and has traces of soy.


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          Originally posted by drnemer View Post
          Well I am just worried about how most of the food served in my college is cooked in vegetable oil and has traces of soy.
          I hear ya, but if you are looking for grassfed jerky specifically because of the omega ratio then you are probably wasting your money. just something to consider.


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            Start haunting craigslist and ebay for a dehydrator and I bet you can pick one up cheap.

            Either that or look up some good recipes and ask your mom for some help whipping up a batch on break. It really is pretty simple and requires almost no kitchen skill except for cutting.

            I've used eye round just because it's lean, but as mentioned above if you're going to consume it in a few months that's not so much of an issue.
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              Brother... Whether I wrote it poorly, or you took it personally, I was trying to say I side with you.

              You're asking for an alternative and I was simply pointing out that either a source or a method should have been suggested and that be that. I figured that you were a college student, etc., but the point to the comment was that I(WE) don't know the story of your life, so other posters should just offer advice and move on.

              With that said, there seem to be quite a bit of viable options for you.