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is this correct coconut milk?

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  • is this correct coconut milk?

    I have been to a health food store in the UK and bought some coconut milk to try. However looking at the ingrediants I am not sure if this is really the good stuff Mark talks about in his book.

    The ingrediants are in order - filtered water, coconut milk 8.4%, Grape Juice Concentrate, Calcium Phosphate, Sucrose Ester, Sea Salt, Natural Carotene, Vit D2, B12.

    Is this the correct product? Its the only one I could get in Holland and Barret a big name store in the UK. If anyone knows any other places please let me know.


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    I would look for one that only has coconut and water in it. Is the Aroy-d brand available in your country?
    Or in the worst case, coconut milk that has the above 2 ingredients + guar gum.
    Hopefully a Brit will come along with a helpful suggestion.


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      Look in the international food section of your nearest super market, it comes in tins, stuff I get is from Aldi and it's about 80% coconut meat and coconut water, it's pretty clean though you can do better, expect to pay between 90p and a couple of quid a can. Don't bother with the low fat shite it's just got more added water
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        Biona makes a good one, I order online from this place Coconut - Buy Online.
        Havent seen it in shops but no it shouldent have all that crud added to it.
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          Apparently you can make your own. I don't (lack the food processor), but the one you bought sounds terrible and I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.
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            Grape juice? What the heck? No it's not the right one. Coconut milk should contain coconuts and almost nothing else.
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