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Found a great dark chocolate brand

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  • Found a great dark chocolate brand

    So one of my PB 'sensible indulgences' is dark chocolate, and I have been on a quest to find the most primal approved brands. While working at a Mom's Organic Market in DC I came across a wonderful company, Fearless Chocolate, who makes dark chocolate with minimal ingredients. I love the 'exploding coconuts' flavor, which only has 3 ingredients! No soy lecithin or any of that crap, just cacao, raw cane sugar, and coconut. I see that now they have 85% dark chocolate which is next on my list to try. I know it's a little pricey, but its worth it in my opinion - especially if you are too lazy (like me) to make your own.
    Here's a link to the coconut bar,
    70% Exploding Coconuts - Fearless Chocolate Co.

    Check them out if you get a chance. I think you'll be pleased.

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    YES +1

    I love these bars. They are smooth, but still somehow retain that raw flavor that is very vibrant and pop-in-your mouth. Very unlike the Mexican chocolate bars that are very grainy. Good stuff, and I'm glad that someone else has found them
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      I tried one of these a year or two ago, and I do remember liking it. Simple ingredients always make for better chocolate. I'll have to buy one of their bars again sometime!


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        For any Canadians my fav is Denman Island chocolate, Cocoa Loca is the one I always get 72% fair trade organic cocoa mass is the only ingredient. Thank god it's rather pricey as well or I would eat more than I should. I get mine at my local HFS and they have some whacked out flavours like rosemary and ginger ones.

        Denman Island Chocolate


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          Yes, to Denman Island Chocolate. I can get it everywhere here. But I also like Green and Black's 85%, but I heard that they are going to stop production or something, so we ate the last bar we had the other night. There is also Cocoa Camino...
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